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Moderna and Pfizer coronavirus vaccines do not alter genes: authorities

Vaccines against covid-19 with messenger RNA molecules, including those from the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna, will not pose a risk of genetic alteration for those who receive them, as an increasing number of viral messages misleadingly alert.

In recent weeks, warnings have increased against vaccines based on the use of messenger RNA molecules (mRNA) as they constitute a risk of modifications in the genome of the individuals who are vaccinated.

An interview with the lawyer and nurse has been broadcast on Facebook and Twitter Luis de Miguel, who warns that these vaccines would not be intended to strengthen immunity but to “modify the genotype or phenotype of the human being.”

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In another interview widely disseminated on social networks, the biologist Fernando López-Mirones it also warns that these vaccines could turn those who are applied into “transgenic beings”.

During his interview on the internet portal, Luis de Miguel states that “these vaccines are not going to be products intended to stimulate immunity”, but rather to “modify the phenotype or genotype of human beings”.

De Miguel, who is presented as a nurse and lawyer, registered in the Census of Lawyers of the General Council of the Lawyers with the number 4 thousand 587, refers to the set of genes of an individual (genotype) and the variations that genotype has undergone depending on the environment (phenotype).

For his part, in an interview for a Madrid media, López-Mirones affirms that these vaccines use “a technology that is extremely dangerous.”

“The messenger RNA is supposed to disappear later, but it is supposed”, comments this biologist and popularizer specializing in nature documentaries, who adds: “If these instructions are perpetuated in our cells, they would make us transgenic ourselves”.

Does the virus vaccine change genes?

MRNA cannot alter the genome of who receives the vaccines because, once the immune response is generated within the body, the molecule degrades, as explained by the health authorities of the European Union and the United States and the Spanish Vaccination Association (AEV).

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Jaime Pérez, member of the board of directors of AEV, considered “totally false” De Miguel’s argumentation and questions the credibility of López-Mirones, whom he describes as a “denier” due to his relativization of mortality related to covid-19.

“RNA cannot be integrated into our genetic material and it degrades in a few days,” Pérez explains to EFE.

This point is also highlighted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC) in an informative article published on the website.

The agency, dependent on the US Department of Health, states that the new mRNA vaccines teach human cells to produce a protein, or a portion of it, that triggers an immune response within the body.

Said immune response, which produces antibodies, is the one that protects against infections if the virus enters the human body.

“Once our body created that portion of protein, the cell breaks down the instructions to get rid of them,” the article clarifies.

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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) states in a statement about its review of Moderna’s vaccine that, once its function is fulfilled, “the person’s immune system will treat this protein as foreign” and will produce “natural defenses” against her.

Vaccines with rigorous safety standards

In his article, CDC indicate that it is likely that in the coming weeks some mRNA vaccines will become the first of this type authorized against covid-19 in the United States and adds that these preparations “are subjected to the same rigorous standards of safety and effectiveness“than the rest.

The only covid-19 vaccines that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will make available for use in the country “will be those that comply with said standards,” they stressed.

On the other hand, the EMA initiated the evaluation of applications of use of the vaccines developed by both Moderna and Pfizer and BioNTech.

Faced with the statements made by De Miguel and López-Mirones about the lack of knowledge of the effects and results, Pérez recalls that Pfizer has notified that their data comes from a international phase 3 clinical trial, in which the vaccine has been tested in 44 thousand people.

It adds that these data will be reviewed by drug agencies and that the FDA plans to do so on December 10.

The CDC notes that while “there are still no approved mRNA vaccines in the United States,” “scientists have been studying and working on them” for decades.

Millions of doses in record time

One of the reasons that justify the use of this technology is the speed of production it allows.

“Interest in these vaccines increased because can be developed in a laboratory, with materials that are readily available, “adds the CDC article, in which it is noted that in this way” the procedure can be standardized and expanded so that the development of the vaccine is faster. “

Pérez stresses that mRNA technology will make it possible to “have million doses in record time“which would not have been achieved using traditional techniques, which would have taken at least two years to produce the vaccines.

That speed in production and the existing scientific knowledge about these vaccines have also been highlighted by The New England Journal of Medicine in an article of March 30, the conclusions of which were cited by the Spanish Society of Primary Care Pharmacists.

The concurring arguments of the aforementioned health authorities, professional associations and scientific publications refute the fears expressed by those who warn without evidence of the risk of a genetic alteration induced by mRNA vaccines, whose technology has been studied for years and is subject to rigorous safety controls .


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