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Pants missing in America: Zelada after elimination with Chivas

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Annoyed and in his role as llegend of America, Héctor Miguel Zelada criticized the elimination of the Eagles at the hands of the Chivas in the Quarterfinals of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament after a 3-1 aggregate.

The American exporter said that there are ways to lose in football, and especially against a rival like the Flock, for which he considered that the Coapa team led by Miguel Herrera they did not have pants to be eliminated otherwise.

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Today the players do not know what it is to have that shirt on“he told Fox Sports.

“There is no doubt that they surpassed us, with little they surpassed us, with a guy (Cristian Calderón) who knew how to make a couple of movements, but football is like that, above all things you have to lose with dignity, It is not allowed to lose with Chivas, but you have to lose with pants, this time, for many things, I can’t do its”.

Zelada was the goalkeeper who saved a penalty in the 1983-84 Final, the only title series played by the country’s most popular and winning clubs.

Even, the world champion with Argentina in Mexico 86 recognized the problematic situation that the team has been experiencing since the beginning of this atypical 2020.

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“The week is coming to end with a result and a very difficult situation for the Americanists. They beat us well, but I don’t admit that word (humiliation) and I don’t like it. This is the consequence of everything America did throughout the tournament with a short and poor team that played just two games well throughout the year with underperforming foreigners ”.

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