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Protests Against Garcetti Will Continue Until Biden Says Not To Charge Him | Your City Elections 2020 Los Angeles

The protesters who have been protesting for days in front of the house of the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, said that they will not stop doing so until the president-elect Joe Biden guarantee that you will not be given a position in your administration.

The organizations Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles and Ground Games say that Garcetti is “the worst mayor in the nation”, for which he does not deserve to be considered for a position in the cabinet of the next Democratic government.

Garcetti supported from the beginning the candidacy of the current president-elect. He was one of the campaign chairs for Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. This puts him on the list of names running for positions in Washington as of January 20, but Garcetti he said he is not interested.

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Why do they oppose Garcetti?

One of the main complaints of Black Lives Matter-Los Ángeles it is the alleged mismanagement of the lack of affordable housing in the city. He is also criticized for not doing enough in the face of police violence.

“It has failed the people of Los Angeles in a myriad of ways, from criminalizing people for being homeless to refusing to defend people who are killed by its police force,” said Tabatha Jones Jolivet, a spokeswoman for BLM-LA, KABC reported. “We refuse to remain silent while President-elect Biden considers him for a cabinet position where his scope will extend to setting national policy.”

Ground Game LA presents itself as an organization in order to campaign to elect progressives, protect the homeless and defend the environment.

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