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TEST: What do you have in common with Billie Eilish?

Your personality traits will be the key to discovering if you are similar to Billie Eilish and what aspect of her life has the most similarities.

Singer Billie Eilish showed that his young age is not a barrier to demonstrate his talent and captivate the public, in a short time he became one of the most prominent figures in current music and in addition to his skills, he possesses a personality that helps her stand out in all her projects.

Billie has set a new trend in fashion, but she also tends to share her honest thoughts inviting reflection on various events, as if that were not enough, the singer grew up in a family that to this day is the pillar that accompanies her while facing new challenges.

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These are all some of the qualities that distinguish Billie Eilish and that have captivated a large number of fans around the world, who admire his musical style and way of acting.

Do you think you have something in common with her? Find out by answering this test that will reveal some points of your personality. Add up the score for each answer and find your result at the end.

The similarity you share with Billie Eilish

1. How do the opinions of others make you feel?

  • It depends on what they say and whose opinion is (10)
  • I believe that everyone should focus on their life (30)
  • I’m not really interested in them (20)

2. What motivates you to buy an item of clothing?

  • Make it comfortable (10)
  • That is fashionable (20)
  • That stick to my style (30)
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3. What element is an important part of your look despite not being clothes?

  • My makeup (20)
  • Sparkly Accessories (10)
  • Decorated nails (30)

4. What kind of animals do you like the most?

  • Everyone, I love all animals (30)
  • Dogs (10)
  • None (20)

5. Who are you closest to?

  • My Best Friends (30)
  • My family (10)
  • My pet (20)

6. What plans would you like for your birthday?

  • Go out with my friends (20)
  • A family reunion (10)
  • Buy me something special as a gift (30)
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7. What do you like most about the songs of Billie Eilish?

  • The message it conveys (30)
  • His voice (10)
  • The rhythm of the songs (20)

You seem like Billie Eilish in the type of family relationship they aspire to have. Beyond whether you have a good connection with your family, for you it is a very important quality that has great weight in the decisions you make and how you develop.

Billie Eilish and you agree on how they perceive fashion, this is one of the many ways you use to reflect who you are and, although your style of dressing is not the same as Billie, both attach great importance to what they convey through their clothing.

Your way of thinking and that of Billie Eilish They have some points in common, none of them likes that others try to change the way you act or perceive things and, although you are always open to advice and opinions from your loved ones, you are an enemy of haters and try to avoid them at all costs.

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