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Young adults, mass parties, drugs and violence exacerbate the coronavirus crisis in California | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

Los Angeles California.- The increase in infections and hospitalizations in California does not seem to stop. In counties like Los Angeles, as of Monday, hospitalizations exceeded 2,185, as of October 30, 743 were hospitalized in the county. The increase is significant, rapid and was summarized by the Director of Public Health as a “ the most difficult moment of the pandemic”.

The crisis of the pandemic is such that Governor Newsom has already warned of a total closure in counties below the purple level, more restrictive of reopening that include Los Angeles County and 50 other counties.

Health officials rely on health data to impose new restrictions and business closures, including restaurants, wineries and bars. And while the official premises a movement of massive, illegal events and without any control of infections proliferate throughout the state.

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They are a huge problem“Jader Chaves, spokesman for the local Police Department, told Univision Los Angeles, indicating that at parties, in addition to the risk of contagion from the” deadly virus, “drugs, weapons and generalized violence are uncontrollable.

The locations of these meetings range from private residences to industrial warehouses. The organizers rent the spaces justifying the filming of a video that ends up receiving between 200 to 300 people who do not use face masks, do not respect social distancing and where there is illegal distribution of drugs and alcohol.

What are the Los Angeles authorities saying?

“The Los Angeles County Health Department is working with county law enforcement agencies and attorneys to take legal action against property owners and organizers. However, these measures are supposed to have been taken in the middle of the year, but they do not seem to prevent the festivities from continuing.

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Since mid-June, Mayor Garcetti announced fines and service cuts for the residences where the events will be held, as well as legal impositions for the organizers of said events. However, in the face of the most recent scandals, the city council does not respond.

While some celebrate …

Doctors, nurses, first aid personnel, rescuers, as well as all workers in hospitals, clinics and assisted homes put their lives and those of their families at risk by staying on the first line of contact with the coronavirus.

“It has come to this because people have not complied with the regulations on their own,” Jannette Murillo, a UCLA registered nurse, told Univision Los Angeles. The patient agrees with all the restrictions and controls that can be implemented, since she assures “the pain is felt daily” in the coronavirus rooms and it is “very strong to see people die alone.”

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For his part, Cesar Millán, a certified nurse, who survived the coronavirus, after spending five months with a ventilator, assured that “people still do not believe it to be true”, referring to the coronavirus.

Millán, 32, is a registered nurse who worked in coronavirus intensive care. A month after the pandemic was declared, he contracted the virus and was hospitalized for five months, four of which he breathed through a tube embedded in his neck and had to face complications, such as a stroke.

The health professional is concerned that “many people still do not believe” in the dangers of the coronavirus. However, the figures from California health officials are very real and eight months after the declaration of the pandemic, the emergency is far from over.

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