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Ten tips for a healthy diet

#Losing weight and returning to a healthy diet are some of the most common #New #Year’s resolutions.


#In order to introduce good healthy living habits into people’s daily routine, the #Spanish #Society for #Community #Nutrition (SENC) presents a report with ten tips to carry out, according to the new food pyramid, to achieve greater benefits for our health.

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#This idea arises from the need to convince all those people who allow themselves ‘the luxury’ of going for hours without eating, days eating a single food and going hungry with the erroneous idea that they will lose weight in this way, but that they are not capable of adopting one. healthy practice whose effort is minimal and which provides more benefits.

Therefore, it is time to convince yourself that there is no magic or miraculous formula to achieve that image that in many cases is unattainable, since it is a stereotype that consumer society has set, according to #Infisport in an article about which it is made echo the #Royal #Spanish #Cycling #Federation.

#Decalogue of a healthy diet

1. #Drink a minimum of 1.5L of water, tea, infusions or soup: correct hydration is essential to maintain a good balance of body water, although the needs will vary according to the age of the people, the level of physical activity carried out, the personal situation and the weather conditions.

2. #Eat carbohydrates daily (bread, pasta, rice, legumes …): preferably in its integral version. #This is the basis for obtaining energy and being able to perform in our training / competition.

3. #Eat semi-skimmed or low-fat dairy products 2-3 times a day: #Nutritionally, it should be noted that dairy products are an excellent source of proteins of high biological value, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.) and vitamins. #On the other hand, the consumption of fermented milk (yogurt, etc.) is associated with a series of health benefits because these products contain live microorganisms capable of improving the balance of the intestinal microbiota.

4. #Alternate consumption 1-3 times a day of white meat, fish, legumes, eggs and nuts: The consumption of oily fish is recommended at least once or twice a week since its fats have properties very similar to fats of vegetable origin to which protective properties against cardiovascular diseases are attributed. #Eggs contain very good quality proteins, fats and many vitamins and minerals that make them a very rich food. #Eating three or four eggs a week is a good alternative to meat and fish.

5. #Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (3-4 fruit and vegetables 2-3 times a day): #Fruits and vegetables are very nutritious foods that add color and flavor to our daily diet as well as vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber and phytonutrients. #Fruits can be an excellent mid-morning alternative or as a snack.

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6. #Limit alcohol, red meat, refined sugars, or processed foods.

7. #Perform 60 minutes of physical activity daily for an adequate energy balance and emotional balance: #Staying physically active and doing physical exercise adapted to our abilities every day is very important to maintaining good health.

8. #Use healthy culinary techniques: steaming, ironing, oven, boiled… avoid frying.

9. #Divide the meals into 5 daily intakes.

10. #Always consume nutritional supplements with the advice of a health professional: #Let’s forget about “standard diets” which cannot be extrapolated for the population as a whole and let’s adopt healthy eating habits from the hand of a health coach (nutritionist, pharmacist, doctor …); our health will thank us.

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