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VIDEO: Infidelity of the year! Man reveals his wife’s antics in the middle of a baby shower | News from El Salvador

The husband said that he is sterile in front of all the friends and family. The baby’s real dad was among the guests.

#If you believed that the quarantine that took place in much of 2020 would reduce the chances of infidelity between couples, this video may make you change your mind. #Everything looks like something out of a dramatic novel because what was supposed to be a reason for a party, turned into a tragedy that separated more than one family.

A married couple had everything ready to have a baby shower, where the sex of the baby would be revealed. #At the beginning of the video, the event seems to be normal: words from the mother, father, thanks to the guests, nervousness and phrases of love.

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“#What can I tell you, my love? #Whatever it is, woman or man, I am happy, but the truth is that I would sincerely like him to be a little man ”, confessed the father of the family.

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Then, he himself asks some guests to come over to break a piñata that contained an envelope with a CD containing the video that would reveal the sex of the baby. #This is where a dark-skinned man appears wearing a pink shirt; coincidentally it is he who picks up the envelope.

#By projecting the video, you can see the moment when the woman has an ultrasound scan and the big news is given: it will be a boy! #From this moment, everything starts to go wrong.

The husband showed a video showing her husband together with his best friend while they were home alone. #Photo / screenshot.

“I can’t have children”

The man who produced the envelope was the best friend of the pregnant woman and her husband dedicated a word of “thanks” for having taken care of her while he was away.

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#Later, everything takes an unexpected turn: “#Since I see you both here, I want to tell you the following: I can’t take it anymore,” said the husband. #Faced with that phrase, the woman asks if everything is okay.

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#But he takes out of his right pocket a white paper that was a supposed medical examination that concluded that said man could not have children. The confession scared all the guests and left the doubt in the air: who was the real father?

The same man demonstrated with a new video his wife’s infidelity with his best friend. The indignation seized all the guests who did not give credit for everything that happened. The wife tried to convince the man that the baby was his, but very forcefully asked him to leave the house.

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#Relatives of the wife take her out of the house and also run to the supposed friend. #In the video you hear expletives such as “without shame”, “infidels”, “unfortunate”, “liar”, “crafty”, among others.

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The video went viral on #TikTok, but was also picked up on #YouTube. #Some users discredit the images because they consider that everything is acted out and that everything was planned to gain likes on social networks.

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