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The best healthy resolutions to start this 2021

#Definitely when we think about the year ahead The first thing that occurs to us is that we want to arrive healthy. 2020 represented a year of challenges for all of us in every way that unexpectedly led us to an emotional, economic, social, political, work, family, academic, etc. whirlpool. #Right now, without a doubt #It is essential to consider very well where we are going to go next year#In addition to thinking very well about something that we normally do not do, what we will do with our resources in all areas of our lives.

#We know how difficult it is to end the year without, probably, visiting our loved ones since it is advisable not to risk ourselves or them. #For this reason, we have asked for the support of one of our specialists to set the best healthy goals as goals to start this 2021.

#Purposes for this 2021

#Without a doubt, the main priority for this new year should be at all times that our health is at 100.

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#Until a few months ago our health was not the main point, we did not visit medical professionals regularly. #However, today it must be our priority, and not only physical health but health in all areas.

#We must remember that the human body must be kept holistically healthy; diet, mind, oral health, preventive medicine, etc., if we invest time and resources in prioritizing health prevention, it would be a great decision. #Schedule a check up general health, dental, start psychological therapy, start a program with your nutritionist or nutritionist to take care of your diet. #It never hurts to invest in your health!

#Continuing with health, we spend too much time at home in a sedentary way, for many it has been difficult to get moving being on four walls. #Because of this, a good purpose may include starting training in 2021, you can do it with videos from #Youtube, hiring an online professional or starting a challenge with your best friends by #Zoom, The important thing is to start, remember that exercising will help your body to stay healthier not only physically, but also mentally.

  • #Enjoy more … complain less

#We understand how difficult it is in the midst of chaos to enjoy everyday life, because everything turns gray, because there are many losses, the costs are very high and there are few things that can really be valued. #Well they say that not everything depends on the glass with which you look at it and this is just the proposal, stop this year to look at things differently, because in the small things the change will lie, slowly enjoy everything you do, stop living with #Haste is something we should have learned from 2020.

#What is it that causes you so much haste? #If you are in a hurry, eating faster is not going to shorten the time, if you are in a hurry, driving faster will not make things change, it only stresses you more and puts you at risk. #We have lost too much and we still haven’t learned our lesson! #Stop a bit, enjoy more, drive slow, enjoy the time, eat slowly, talk to the person in front of you, don’t look at your phone while eating, enjoy!

2020 left us with a somewhat dichotomous experience, locked us up … but brought us closer to many through social networks, if you have not socialized with your friends or family through these virtual environments because you have been disconnected for years, because you do not like contact with them or for health, generates new environments this year with healthy distance of course.

#Through virtual classes in painting, art, dance, theater, reading rooms, etc., you can begin to interact. #Many patients come to therapy after months of pandemic and isolation with great fear of social contact, but little by little we can resume it, you can start with the virtual and go towards face-to-face contact once you feel more secure and with the measures of healthy relevant distance that make you feel safe.

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#It is important to wait and see how the covid-19 situation continues to know the prevention and safety measures for the next year, meanwhile, #Lic. #Cynthia recommends the aforementioned to start the year with everything and avoid bad times with yourself. #Let’s remember that sacrificing ourselves at this time will not help prevent further spreading the coronavirus and that everything ends as soon as possible.

#We appreciate the collaboration of #Cynthia #Cesar de la #Cruz, psychologist, for validating and sharing information for this article.

#With information from #Doctoranytime

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