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The Megaboom 3 bluetooth speaker discounted at Amazon

#As you can see later, this wireless speaker is a true all-rounder, capable of withstanding all kinds of bumps and falls as well as boasting water resistance. #And its acoustic landscape will live up to the expectations of the most demanding users.

#Best of all, this #Megaboom 3 speaker from #Ultimate #Ears will arrive before the #Three #Kings. #So if you want to surprise a relative or loved one with a gift of height, do not hesitate any longer, since this model will not disappoint you at all. #And beware, if that was not enough, you can enjoy the #Free shipping.

A perfect design to enjoy the best sound

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The only requirement? #Be subscribed to #Amazon #Prime. #But taking into account that, through this link, you can try this service completely free of charge. #So don’t miss out on this bargain, as it will be available for a limited time. #To say that on an aesthetic level we find a model that offers a 360º sound so that the acoustic landscape reaches every corner.

#In addition, you can control the music through a system of keystrokes, in addition to having keys to raise or lower the volume. #Obviously, we also have an application that will allow us to calibrate down to the last detail. The best of all? #That this model ise can link with other #Ultimate #Ears #Megaboom 3 to create an impressive sound system.

Altavoz Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

#An autonomy of scandal

#Before we have told you that the #Megaboom 3 is resistant to everything. #For this, this bluetooth speaker has a body covered in rubber so that any bump or fall is not a problem for this device. #Also has IP68 certification that guarantees resistance to dust and water, being able to submerge the device for 30 minutes without problem.

#Continuing with the benefits that this bluetooth speaker offers on #Amazon, say that this device offers a autonomy of 20 hours, so you can organize a party with your friends without worrying about this section. #Without a doubt, one of the strengths of this speaker and one that makes the difference with most of its rivals.

Altavoz Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

#Part of the merit of this great autonomy has to do with the excellent technology that integrates this device, and that puts it on hold when you are not using it. #With this, you can save the battery so that it lasts more hours. #As you may have seen, this is a very complete product that you can give all kinds of uses: take it to the snow, the beach, the pool or simply enjoy your favorite songs while you shower without worrying why the speaker is damaged in any way.

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#So, seeing that in addition to a 29% discount to save 60 euros on your purchase, #Added to the free shipping costs and the fact that it will arrive safely before the #Kings, it is one of the best gifts you can buy.

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