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Nashville police released bodycam footage from bombing

The #Metropolitan #Nashville #Police #Department has released a police officer’s bodycam footage that documents the moments leading up to the #Christmas bombing that rocked the city’s downtown, leaving eight people injured and several buildings damaged.

#Officials have identified the suspected bomber as #Anthony Q. #Warner, a resident of the #Nashville suburb of #Antioch.

The almost 13-minute video shows officers surveying the area, carrying out a pre-bomb evacuation and speculating over what the threat could be. The RV’s warning can be heard playing as the officers walk by, moments before the explosion occurred.

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The footage, titled “#Officer #Sipos’ #Body #Camera #Footage, 12/25/2020,” was released on #Monday, three days after the bombing took place.

#At the 6:14 a.m., the police officers are shown evacuating a person located in a nearby alley, informing him that he’s “not in trouble” but that “something serious is happening down the road.”

The footage then switches to 6:25 a.m., at which point the officers walk by the RV as it blares a looping messaging warning people to evacuate the area and not approach the vehicle.

“#That’s so weird,” one officer is heard saying. “#That’s like something out of a movie.”

“#Like, ‘The #Purge’?” his counterpart asks.

“#Yeah,” he responds.

#An officer then remarks that the AT&T building the RV is parked next to is the building that “houses all the hardlines for phones throughout the southeast.”

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“#Makes sense, it’s probably a bomb,” another officer says in response.

The police officers then turn a street corner, out of sight of the RV, and a request for fire to be on standby is heard. #Almost immediately after, the explosion goes off in the distance.

The officers return to the scene, helping to evacuate pedestrians as car horns and fire alarms blare in the background.

#Officers instruct pedestrians, including one man who runs by with his loved one thrown over his back, to go as far from the blast site as possible.

#David #Rausch, the director of the #Tennessee #Bureau of #Investigation, told The #Associated #Press on #Monday, “#It does appear that the intent was more destruction than death, but again that’s all still speculation at this point as we continue in our investigation with all our partners.”

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