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What does the technological world hold for us? 5 trends for 2021

2020 ends. #It’s no secret that we all needed to say that. #This year has brought one of the worst health and economic crises in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic that still remains uncontrolled.

#Ironically, it was this same pandemic that drove the development of new technologies, both locally and regionally.

#For example, there we have the messenger RNA technology, which has been an essential pillar in the development of two of the vaccines against COVID (that of #Pfizer-BioNTech and that of #Moderna).

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#Or we also have the ever-expanding development of artificial intelligence (AI). The pandemic has shown how necessary it is to attend to mental health, and the AI ​​has collaborated in this through solutions such as #Yana, a #Mexican app that, through a chatbot, becomes your companion and if necessary channels you to an expert.

#Undoubtedly, the health sector will be the beneficiaries of technology in 2021. #But there is more. #Here we present five trends that we will see next year.

#This is nothing more than the #English abbreviation for #Artificial #Intelligence of #Things. #That is, the #Internet of #Things (#IoT) combined with AI.

#In 2021 we will see an #IoT constantly and that will learn more and more from its environment to perform actions automatically (which is directly related to machine learning).

“#With the needs of public health and social distancing that will remain with us even in 2021, the #IoT with artificial intelligence will be a tool for many smart devices that various industries and governments will be implementing in 2021 and in commercial equipment such as smart speakers,” he said. #Alexander #Rojas, #Director of #Sales and #Business #Development of #MediaTek for #Central #America and the #Caribbean, in an interview for #El #Financiero.

#An example? The NEORIS digital accelerator developed a solution called #Video #Analytics, which, via artificial intelligence, can recognize the face to monitor whether people are using the mask properly, this to avoid risk situations in the health or business sector. #You can also measure how many meters they are between people to take care of the healthy distance.

There was no doubt: the pandemic forced digitization in commerce. #Many small and medium-sized companies had to adapt in order to continue selling their products; and consumers migrated their purchases to digital platforms faster.

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The data is compelling. #This 2020, electronic commerce had an acceleration that, without the conditions caused by the pandemic, would have reached within three years, according to #Nielsen #Mexico. #Before COVID-19, e-commerce was expected to have 7 percent of the retail market by 2024; however, it is currently reaching levels of 6.3 percent.

#According to #Rubén #Darío Vázquez, professor in #Communication at the #National #Autonomous #University of #Mexico (UNAM) and an expert on social media issues, this paved the way for an acceleration in electronic commerce and in 2021 we will see it more often.

“The pandemic forced us to digitize. #And in that sense, many SMEs were not necessarily thinking of entering the digital world fully. #When facing the pandemic, not only have we had to do it out of necessity, but we are also beginning to know the great advantages of electronic commerce. #By 2021, there will be a huge explosion of e-commerce, especially at the level of micro, small and medium-sized companies, ”said #Darío Vázquez in an interview with #El #Financiero.

#Something that we will be able to do more in 2021 related to this issue, explained the UNAM expert, are electronic wallets linked to social networks. #Such is the case of #Facebook #Payments, which has been available for a few months but points to the following year as its consolidation period.

The fifth generation network, widely known as 5G, is the next step in connectivity. #Countries that are at the forefront in the technology sector, such as the #United #States, #China, #Japan and #South #Korea, already carry out projects to benefit this type of connection in industries and in daily life.

#Latin #America is still behind in the implementation of this technology. #According to figures from the market consultancy IDC, the region does not even reach 1 percent of 5G devices, while in #China the figure is almost 50 percent. #An abysmal difference.

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#However, 2021 may be a great opportunity to develop this technology at the device level (but a little slower at the infrastructure level).

“While it is true that we have been talking about the arrival of 5G for some time, from 2020 and with greater emphasis in 2021 we will see that all high-end and high-end smartphones will already be 5G worldwide. #We will still have a long way to go in the networks (that is, the infrastructure), especially in #Latin #America, but the equipment will already be available, “said the #Mediatek executive.

The 2021 elections in #Mexico will have two special characteristics: they will be the largest in the country’s history (more than 21,000 public offices) and they will be held in a context of a still latent pandemic.

#Although the elections will take place until #June, it is estimated that COVID-19 will remain that long and even longer. The health authorities foresee that, by the end of that month, the health sector and people 40 years and older will be vaccinated. #It will be a breakthrough, but there is still a long way to go in terms of immunization.

#This is why one of the technological trends that we will see in 2021 will be the digitization of politics. #And we have already seen it since 2020: events broadcast on social networks, parliamentary sessions by video call.

“We are definitely going to see that a large part of the political campaigns will be carried out digitally due to the impossibility of doing them physically. #Despite the fact that in theory we will already have the COVID vaccine, we must see if it is being effective and if the population is being treated as it should. #So, social networks are going to become electoral platforms and we are going to start to see how some politicians are going to dare to enter some sites where they had not entered before, such as #Instagram and #TikTok, ”said #Darío Vázquez.

#Currently, we already have multiple devices on the market that measure your blood oxygenation, heart rate, and sleep quality. #Most of them are smartwatches, like those from #Apple, #Huawei, #Fitbit, #Garmin, and several others.

#But now tech companies will start developing smartphones that perform these tasks, which have become vital amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“The camera functions and temperature sensors, oxygenation, among others, will be an integral part of the new smartphones and gadgets that we will see in 2021. #Manufacturers will seek to take public health to a new level hand in hand with the devices they use every day, but with greater scope in measurement and well-being for users ”, concluded #Alexander #Rojas.

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