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Millionaire New Year with a draw of almost 8 billion pesos

The two most important lotteries in the #United #States still do not come out what has allowed millionaire bags to accumulate and the best thing is that they can be played from #Mexico.

#On one side is #Mega #Millions that offers 401 million dollars (about 8 billion pesos) and it will be raffled on this #Friday night #January 1, 2021.

#While #Powerball offers 361 million dollars (more than 7 billion pesos), which will raffle your bag this wednesday, december 30, making it the last big bag of this year.

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#If you want to start 2021 as a brand new millionaire, you already have your lucky numbers ready we tell you how to participate in these millionaire raffles from your home.

#Just as other #Latinos have won in #United #States lotteries you can do it from #Mexico, including #Mega #Millons and #Powerball bags, buying official tickets online through TheLotter.

#Tickets must be purchased up to 2 hours before the closing of the draw, to guarantee the purchase. #On the platform there are several payment methods, the most recommended is #MasterCard, since it is the most accepted in #Mexico for gaming and betting websites.

The jackpot is close to falling

#When #American lotteries exceed $ 300 million, it’s only a matter of a few days for someone to win it, this due to the high demand to buy tickets.

The millionaire bags of #Mega #Millions and #Powerball have not fallen since #September, and could fall in the next drawing this week. #To win either of the two bags, you must match a total of 6 numbers, although its secondary prizes are also quite desired and which have already been won by TheLotter users in #Mexico and the world.

#How to participate from #Mexico?

#Enter TheLotter and choose how many lines to play. Then, choose the numbers you want and confirm the purchase at the bottom. #Your participation will be guaranteed for the next draw.

#How does TheLotter work?

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TheLotter is a global lottery ticket messaging service that uses local agents in the #United #States, and other countries, to buy official lottery tickets on behalf of your customers around the world.

#As part of this service, the company adds a small surcharge to the price of the tickets, however, does not charge commissions for the prizes won, regardless of the amount thereof.

The official ticket is scanned and uploaded to the client’s personal account before the draw. #This scanned version of the ticket, along with email confirmation, gives players the right of ownership as sole owners of their tickets.

#What happens when you win?

#After the draws, TheLotter publishes the winning numbers on the results page. #You can check your numbers whenever you want and you can see the details of the draw and your prizes in your private account. #We will also notify you privately of the results of the sweepstakes you have participated in and each time you win a prize.

#When you win a lottery prize at TheLotter, the winnings will be transferred to your account. #In the event that luck has smiled on you with an accumulated prize, the company will cover your transfer to collect your prize personally.

#With more than 6 million winning users from around the world and more than 102 million dollars paid, TheLotter is, since 2002, the largest website to buy lottery tickets online. #Among TheLotter’s biggest winners is a #Panamanian woman who earned 30 million dollars and a #Salvadoran who made 1 million dollars.

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#All #Mexicans who buy their tickets at TheLotter, They will participate under the same conditions as if they were physically in the #United #States.

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