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AMLO phrases for covid-19. What he said in 2020

#In #Mexico, the first case of covid-19 was confirmed on #February 28 and so far the country already registers more than 1,400,000 infections and more than 120,000 deaths, but what has the #President #Andrés #Manuel López #Obrador since the pandemic began?

#At the beginning, the president assured that in #Mexico “there is no psychosis, no panic “, since the health emergency was handled with technical and professional information. #Later, he said that at the end of the pandemic, he would call for hugs in the Zócalo of #Mexico #City.

“#When we get out of this, why are we gonna get out, I’m going to summon to hug and kiss in the #Zocalo and in all public squares. “

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#Regarding the use of face masks, the #President assured that he would only use them when the corruption is over; however, he clarified that its use will be out of respect for the people, “s#If I ever wear a mask, it would be for the people, out of respect for the people. (…) V#We are going to hurry to end corruption so that I can put on a mask“.

“There will be time for cuddles”he said on #Mother’s #Day.

#Faced with the work of the health personnel who take care of the infections of the new coronavirus throughout the country, he recognized that they are heroes, “nur support to nurses, doctors, orderlies, all workers in the health sector are our heroes#Once this happens, we are going to give them all a public recognition. “

#And he reiterated that the cure for covid-19 are the measures implemented by the health authorities, “nor let’s forget that the cure for the pandemic, the most effective proven, are these measures of healthy distance and to stay at home “, so he asked the citizens what “#If we don’t have anything really important to do, let’s not go out on the streets this #December, there are always more people on the street until 24 “.

#Regarding the vaccine, López #Obrador guaranteed from the beginning that all #Mexicans would have access to the doses for free, “vall #Mexicans will have access to the vaccine, and there should be no concern for poor people, the most humble people are guaranteed the vaccine, the poorest people and are not going to stay in the end. “

“I ask all #Mexicans to help us so that no one skips the line, that we act with rectitude and with equity and thus we will advance “.

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#And he asserted that if there are companies “that want to buy the vaccine abroad, we do not have no impediment for the vaccine to be sold, it is bought outside“.

#Finally, the chief executive expressed throughout 2020 that #Mexico is doing well “why the epidemic has been tamed and instead of it skyrocketing, as has unfortunately happened elsewhere, growth here has been horizontal. ”

“The forecast we made is being fulfilled in the sense that the crisis would have a V-shaped behavior, we would fall to the bottom as it happened in #April and we would get out of the hole as in fact it has been happening“.

#So he asked “let’s take the last pull, that we stay at home, that we take care of ourselves to get ahead ”.


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