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Nayarit nurses travel to CDMX to fight COVID-19

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The pandemic by #Covid-19 has gained strength in recent months, hospital institutions have communicated that the battle is not easy. #Doctors, nurses, orderlies, cleaning personnel, among others have been in charge for more than 10 months in the country where they have worked for hours without rest and some ¨héroes¨ they have lost the battle during the fight.

The nurses #Ana #Patricia #Amaya, #Eva #Gutiérrez, #Claudia #Camacho and #Edith Márquez, made the decision to join the front line of the battle in #Mexico #City, where the epidemiological traffic light remains red.

#In the middle of #New #Years #Eve, the nurses originating from #Tepic, #Nayarit, belonging to #Mexican #Institute of #Social #Security (IMSS) they accepted the announcement volunteering and they hope to fight for as long as necessary, even so, away from their families, and living a ¨year new¨ in a different way.

¨ #We found it something interesting and we registered, we are afraid of being infected, more than anything, we hope to return to our families and stay safe. The volunteer period will originally last one month, but we know it could be extended. #We have been at the forefront of the battle since #March ”, commented #Ana #Patricia.

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#Claudia was infected during her workday and for 3 weeks, she remained at home with the corresponding care.

¨The care in general is what the doctors tell you: rest at home, use of face masks, hand washing, isolation. The most important thing is not to expose your family or the population ”, added #Claudia.

#During the month of #December, an estimated 35 nurses from the state of #Nayarit traveled to #Mexico #City to join forces and provide the corresponding care. They add that the institution provides them with housing and some expenses that are used for transportation and daily food.

The nurses who departed from the #Tepic airport on #December 29 hope to raise awareness among the population, asking for their support by following up on the recommendations issued by the government and staying at home.

“#We hope that the population takes care of itself, that they do their part because we as health personnel will do what is in our power but if we do not have the support of the people, we will not be able to do more”.

#Currently, #Mexico #City and four other states of the republic the traffic lights epidemiological remains red, where it is sought not to collapse the health system, to guarantee the best possible care to everyone who requires it.

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#In the country, there are more than 1 million cases and 125 thousand deaths by covid-19. #During these festive seasons, the population is invited to stay home to contribute to this battle, while we take care of our own and ourselves.

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