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Enters the Medicine career after 13 attempts | THE IMPARTIAL

#In the last hours of #December 29, #Daniel #Giraldo managed to be accepted into the #Medicine career. The young man ended 2020 with good news after a total of 13 attempts to take this significant step towards his vocation. “One day they told me that the universe, being stubborn, was finally going to give me what I wanted. #And so it was, I succeeded ”, affirmed the future university student.

The tenacity and will of #Daniel #Giraldo

#His story was narrated in the first person to the newspaper #El #Colombiano and it became one of the most popular reports of the last week. #According to his testimony, from a very young age he wanted to study this career, his decision came after a tragedy when he was three years old.

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The early passing of his mother was a turning point in his life. “A doctor could have saved her,” she said, as she died while #Giraldo’s father was treating her waiting for a doctor. “I want to save lives and give patients a more humane treatment,” he told the media.

#Even though he knew from a very young age that his mission was not easy, he prepared himself since he graduated from high school in 2012. #His first score on the entrance exam was 70, when the minimum to be accepted is 78. #Without #However, this first failure did not smother the flame in his spirit, indicates #Radio #Miter.

#She continued studying to improve her performance and in parallel she prepared to be a nursing assistant. #Between 2015 and 2018, he tried the exam again to enter the #Medicine career at the #University of #Antioquia without success.

#He also applied different strategies to enter, such as changing to the #National to be successful or entering another career and requesting a transfer. #However, everything was defined on the night of #December 29, 2020, when he was informed from the institution that he could finally fulfill his dream.

#On this note

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##Enters ##Medicine #career #attempts #IMPARTIAL

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