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Exercises for special arms to avoid sagging

#Sagging is a condition that can be uncomfortable and reveals the absence of muscular strength. #It is possible to strengthen the anterior limbs as long as you implement routines that consider arm exercises.

#When it comes to showing a fit figure almost always, especially women, we focus on working buttocks, abdomen and legs. The arms are left behind, despite the hard daily work they do. #Here we share some exercises that can eliminate sagging.

#Causes of sagging

#Over the years, the collagen and the elastin, proteins responsible for muscle firmness, diminish their functions resulting in the flaccidity. #With the loss of these supporting tissues, the skin acquires a loose and unsightly appearance.

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#Because collagen and elastin are components that serve as support, and that provide elasticity to the skin, it is natural that they are found in all the skin tissue that surrounds the body. #But, especially flaccidity, it is usually more easily perceived on the face, arms and buttocks.

#Regions such as the eyelids, forehead and double chin often reveal the #Over the years. #Not for nothing is it quite common to resort to botox to disappear traces which leaves the natural collagen decrease.

#But apart from the passage of time, other reasons accelerate the loss of collagen or intervene in its decrease. #He sedentary lifestyle #It is one of them, since muscles and joints, having no movement, lose strength and flexibility.

#It is recommended that you avoid sedentary lifestyle to have good physical condition. #Source: #Pixabay

#Also, abrupt weight loss and pregnancy increase the sagging of the skin, as the tissue is stretched excessively. #In general, the overweight increases the possibility of skin and muscle flaccidity.

#Environmental factors such as overexposure to the sun they also influence the absence of muscle firmness. The dehydration deteriorates the health of the skin, and consequently intercedes in the secretion of hyaluronic acid that surrounds both proteins.

#Finally, if you follow a low protein diet and citrus fruits, the production of collagen and elastin in your body will be reduced. #Although some legumes and seeds promote collagen production, this molecule is found mainly in animal sources.

#Avoid sagging with these arm exercises

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#You can forget about sagging arms if you do the right exercises and are constant in their execution. #Here are four types of arm exercises that will help you work the biceps and triceps, which are the most outstanding muscles.

#It is important that before you start doing any exercise you carry out a brief warm-up routine, with which you will avoid muscle or joint discomfort.


#In addition to strengthening the chest muscles, the push-ups help you prevent sagging arms. #You should lie face down, supporting the body with the tips of the feet and the palms of the hands, which should be at shoulder height and separated.

#It is necessary that the legs are straight and that the back does not adopt any inclination. #When you stretch your arms, the body stays up and when flexing them, it approaches the ground, in this way, arms gain strength.

arm exercises

#Push-ups are great exercises to strengthen your arms. #Source: #Pexels

#Dumbbell triceps kick

The dumbbells They are extremely useful objects for the exercise of the arms, their weight varies according to the resistance and strength of the user. #To perform this exercise you must, initially, stand up straight and step forward with your left foot.

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Then you slightly incline the trunk and support your hand left on some surface, a chair for example. #With your right hand take the dumbbell and extend your arm to the side, ideally, the stretched arm is at shoulder height and you can carry it backward.

#Perform 4 sets of 10 movements each, then bring your right foot forward and grab the dumbbell with your arm on the same side.

arm exercises

#Dumbbell exercises are good for improving the appearance of your arms. #Source: #Pixabay

#Triceps extension behind the neck

#This triceps exercise is all about achieving form a 90 ° angle holding the dumbbell. The first thing you should do is stand up, always taking care that your back is completely straight, you can also kneel, ensuring a comfortable surface for your knees.

#Next, you take the dumbbell with one of your arms and stretch it up. #When lowering it, make sure that the elbow is the vertex of the 90 ° angle that must be formed between the two segments of the arm. #Once you have adopted this position, bring your arm back.

#Front and alternate shoulder raises

#All you have to do is spread the legs taking as a reference for the opening, the location of the shoulders. #With each hand grasp a dumbbell and bring your arms forward, so that the palms look at your body.

#From this position extend one arm to the front and bring it to the side, then do the same movement but with the other arm. #You can perform 3 sets on each side, with 10 repetitions, completing 60 alternate times.

The arm exercises they are really effective in preventing and / or disappearing flaccidity. #In addition to activating other muscles in your torso, such routines help your forelimbs develop strong.

#On the other hand, if you move away from sedentary lifestyle and seek a healthy diet rich in protein, citrus fruits such as lemon and strawberry, which are rich in C vitamin, and you drink plenty #Water, the flaccidity will arrive when you already have an advanced age.

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