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-Follow the killer bacteria in the Central

-Finance presented as tongue twisters

-Rey #Midas backwards in debt

-Torture in the #Peñaflores case

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The state administration is about to end and the #Ministry of #Health is unable to start up the intensive care room of the #Central #Hospital.

#It turns out that the remodeling carried out had to be taken down and rebuilt again, because there is a bacterium that refuses to leave its habitat.

The matter is talk of the corridors of the hospital and the government agency itself, due to the underlying concern it generates.

#It is the #Acinetobacter baumanii bacteria, considered within the group of super bacteria, which are characterized by their high resistance and survival in hospitals.

#This bacterium is known as a bacterial killer, it is resistant to antibiotics and aggravates the health of people who are infected, causing the worst diagnosis and requiring longer hospitalization time.

#It is so persistent that it can even stay in gowns or any hospital protection, so it is not uncommon for it to wander from one side to the other.

The bacterium was detected for a long time within the intensive care of the long-lived hospital, which motivated a necessary remodeling, carried out more with force than with desire.

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#However, despite the investment, it could not be eliminated, to such an extent that it keeps said area unusable, but it is also a very serious source of infection.

#Those in the know share that it is likely not only that specific area that is contaminated, which is why the current #Covid hospital was and is actually a high-risk site during the pandemic. #Unheard.

#It lacks an explanation, how, knowing this situation, senior #Health officials determined to convert the old building into the specialized area to care for #Covid patients, which, due to the severity of this disease, required the highest possible aseptic conditions.

#It would not be surprising if there were any links to the hundreds of deaths that occurred behind those centuries-old facilities built of adobe and quarry.

#Even more so when hundreds of patients with the disease caused by the #Coronavirus are still hospitalized and intubated in that place.

#Officials are more concerned with being on social media programs than attending to their duties with such a delicate matter.

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#Everything that has to do with state government finances has become a real tongue twister.

#In particular, the report of movements of income and expenses that is published each month under the rubric of the governor and the #Secretary of the #Treasury.

#Its analysis is a task with a high degree of complexity, since it does not provide certainty and clarity for an adequate study. They are very tricky documents.

#It does not comply with basic rules of financial consolidation, when using the cash and banks and the fixed fund within a supposed balance sheet.

#It is undoubtedly, for specialists, an irregularity that has nothing naive, with a combination of a general balance sheet with a simple income and expense report.

#With this, it simulates an income statement, when handling amortizations, in confetti with an income statement, which includes debtors and creditors.

#Do not mention the concept of debt and its clarification in the face of #Chihuahuas. #No accountability, an elementary requirement in a state that claims to be democratic.


#It is incredible but at this stage of the administration there is a short-term debt for 950 million pesos acquired in recent months by the state government that it is still time that it does not comply with the registration requirement before the federal #Ministry of #Finance.

The data is contained in the latest report of the #Debt #Alert #System that is promptly carried out by said agency of the #Mexican government and which is an essential requirement to keep a control.

#It is not the only interesting piece of information in this set of loans, the guarantee of which is the own resources that are increasingly depleted every day due to a year to be forgotten.

#According to this report, in the third quarter, despite the payments made, at least 32 million in amortization, the debt increased by 68 million pesos. #King #Midas but the other way around.

#Of course, not to mention the five million pesos paid in interest since it was contracted, as well as the 18 million in large commissions, which have been pocketed by the solicitous officials and credit institutions, who first make the request to authorize short-term credits to #Chihuahua only as a strategy.

They are like ladies of charity, #Bansi, #Multiva and #Santander, like kind borrowers of these loans, almost touched by the #Christmas spirit.


#What was missing in the homicide of the #Cuauhtémoc municipal public security director, #Efrén #Peñaflores, the #State #Prosecutor’s #Office is involved in acts of torture.

#Recommendation number 5s.1.036 / 2020, issued by the #State #Commission for #Human #Rights, under the presentation of the visitor #Zuly #Barajas, is still warm.

The #Prosecutor’s #Office will have to respond for the arrest of an alleged person involved in the events, who was walked through several buildings and, according to expert opinions, had been beaten to death.

The #Peñaflores case generated questions of all kinds towards the #State #Prosecutor’s #Office, because he was assassinated a few weeks after his release from the #State #Cereso, where he was detained, along with almost the entire #Cuauhtémoc police force, under the accusation of using firearms without official authorization.

#Peñaflores paid at that time for the broken plates of #Mayor #Carlos #Tena’s refusal to submit to the sole command of the state police, which had and has audibly failed in all municipalities where the measure was implemented since 2017.


#To measure the budget blow that the capital will suffer next year, of 305 million pesos, it is enough to compare the spending of #Public #Works, #Public #Security, #Public #Services and other agencies with the size of said cut.

The budget recently approved by the city council for 2021, in what was perhaps the last session headed by #Mayor #María #Eugenia #Campos, was in the order of 3 thousand 473 million pesos, eight percent less than the 3 thousand 778 million approved to practice in 2020.

#This fall represents, for example, almost the entire budget that the #Public #Works #Department will have next year, which will exercise around 335 million pesos.

#It is also similar to what is authorized in the current year for the #Municipal #Public #Services #Directorate (288 million pesos), a dependency that in 2021 will also suffer the largest drop in records.

#This cut also represents practically half of what #Municipal #Public #Security exercises in its operational functions (around 615 million pesos).

The loss is significantly high and that was precisely what kept #Campos #Galván worried about requesting or not a license from his charge. #Sorting out the expense and figuring out how to cushion the cut was his last task and he didn’t want to leave it pending.

#Thus, from now on it is a matter of minutes for him to separate from his post and begin his pre-campaign as a candidate for governor.

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##Follow #killer #bacteria ##Central


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