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The revolutionary therapy against the coronavirus of the hyperbaric chambers

#Although its name may sound unknown and strange, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a common medical discipline that has been implemented for years and that, with the arrival of the coronavirus, it has been shown that it can play a active role in the treatment of #Covid-19 patients, helping them improve the respiratory consequences caused by the virus and even help them overcome it.

#Dr. #José #Fabregat, a specialist in neurosurgery and hyperbaric medicine, has indicated this #Thursday in ‘#Espejo Público’ that this type of discipline “is not something new or experimental, takes many decades and the penalty is that it is little known “, and has indicated that it is a practice that falls within the system of benefits covered by the #Social #Security.

#Dr. #Fabregat indicates that hyperbaric medicine helps to improve the respiratory consequences caused by the coronavirus, at the same time that it contributes to strengthening the immune system: “The chamber administers 100% medicinal oxygen, at a pressure of two atmospheres onwards, during 60 minutes #This has effects on the body that, in the case of #Covid-19, reduces inflammation and edema, increases circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, regenerating them and reinforces the immune system. Therefore it is useful for these patients, “he says.

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These types of ‘bubbles’ are more effective in patients with initial symptoms helping to stop them and avoid their admission to the ICU, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects on the muscular, bone and neurological system. #However, it would not be suitable for patients with severe coronavirus pictures, since they would need other types of facilities where a bed and health personnel could enter, and as #Dr. #Fabregat indicates “this is more complicated.”

#Despite the fact that some hospitals in #Madrid, #Barcelona, ​​#Santander or #Malaga already have this type of camera, #Dr. #Fabregat has appealed to the political and health authorities, as well as “those who have the resources” urging them to bet for this type of therapy in #Spanish hospitals, indicating that other countries developed such as #Sweden, the #United #Kingdom, the #United #States, #Asia or #Russia, have them for everyday use, while in #Spain “it lacks a push”.

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