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Lucero shows off her uncovered LEGS with a fiery leather minishort

#Lucero #She is one of the most beloved singers and actresses in the entertainment world in #Mexico, because from a very young age she has dabbled in the media in different ways that have highlighted her as one of the most talented.

#If we remember the beautiful singer this year she celebrated 40 years of career and now he has impressed his followers saying goodbye to 2020 with a photo that stole the hearts of thousands of #Internet users.

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#It seems that with a charming smile, it is how the singer #Lucero says goodbye to 2020, to open the way to 2021, since #Lucero is indisputably one of the greatest artists who have had a career in the entertainment world in #Mexico.

#Lucero’s legs

#It should be noted that with her songs and the soap operas in which she has participated, the actress also steals the hearts of all of #Mexico and #Latin #America; but not only that, but also with its unique beauty.

#That is why on this occasion it has been her beauty that made her captivate thousands of #Instagram users, with the photo with which she says goodbye to 2020, just after the end of the year, wearing quite a few minishorts in a material that resembles leather in black.

#It is not for less that the beautiful #Mexican singer has #Instagram on her head, because she showed some uncovered legs that are surely the envy of many people and that fascinates many others.

#As if that were not enough in the image that has exceeded 27 thousand reactions, there is also a message that reads like this: #May the #New #Year bring us all many rewards and wishes for health and well-being. #On behalf of the entire team who make ##Lucero clothes and shoes, have a nice start to 2021. #Keep taking care, courage and faith!

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#Noteworthy photography is a portrait that is part of the campaign for his clothing and footwear line, in collaboration with a #Mexican shoe brand. #It was on behalf of her and the entire team behind the elaboration of the garments and designs, that #Lucero wished the fans a happy new year, wishing they have a good start to the year.

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