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Victory and overall leadership for Argentina in the Quads

The fourth stage of the Quads gave Argentina another victory in the Dakar 2021. Manuel Andujar won the route that joined Wadi Ad-Dawasir and Riyadh in a route of 476 kilometers of connection and 337 of special. For its part, Nicolás Cavigliasso finished second and became the leader in the general classification.

The Argentine dominance in Quads is accentuated and it is the third day in a row. After the victories of Pablo Copetti and Cavigliasso in the past days, Andujar ruled Wednesday’s activity in his favor. The one from Lobos prevailed in 3:29:13 and defeated the Cordovan by 1:08, who went on to command in the general classification. Alexandre Giroud finished third, 3:52 behind the leader.

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For its part, Tobías Carrizo continues to add experience in the 2021 edition and today he arrived ninth, 35:12 from the tip. Meanwhile, Copetti finished 11th, 43 minutes from the lead.

In the absolute classifier, the Cordovan took the reins with 18h13: 48 and is separated by only 9 seconds from Giroud. Andujar is fourth, at 22:07; Copetti is sixth, at 43:02 and Carrizo travels in 12th place.

The fifth stage of the Dakar 2021 will be held between the towns of Riyadh and Al Qaisumah on a 205km link route and 456 speed.

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