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The networks convulsed, the authorities outraged. This is the panorama after images of a party in Cachagua were released, which was attended by students from schools in the eastern sector of the capital.

In the videos you can see the “reel” without any type of sanitary measure, such as the use of a mask.

Faced with this scenario, the Intendant of the Valparaíso Region, Jorge Martínez, announced a complaint against those responsible, ranging from the participants, organizers and their parents.

“We have become aware of various clandestine and massive parties in the Cachagua and Zapallar sectors, I want to express the outrage we have towards massive clandestine parties that violate the basic principles of solidarity; irresponsible young people who without authorization have held parties without masks, putting at risk not only his family, but also the inhabitants of these communes, “the regional authority said.

Party in Cachagua Twitter

Thus he announced that “we presented a criminal complaint for the crimes that correspond against the participants in parties, against their parents and also against the organizers.”

“I want to point out that the police have already provided me with elements that allow the identification of people who participated in these events and who organized them (…) I have instructed the police to immediately take action in the designated area to take statements,” Martínez added.

The mayor added that “we are going to find all of them, if they are minors we are going to punish their parents.”


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