AfD in NRW: party distributes frightening coloring book


AfD in NRW: Party distributes frightening coloring book – unbelievable what can be seen in it

The NRW-AfD distributed a coloring book for children during a citizens' dialogue. The content is just terrifying.
The NRW-AfD distributed a coloring book for children during a citizens’ dialogue. The content is just terrifying.
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Krefeld. At a citizens’ dialogue in Krefeld (NRW) put the alternative for Germany (AFD) a coloring book. However, the content was anything but child-friendly – instead of mandalas, animals or Disney characters, there were racial prejudices and stereotypes.

The result: The police received a complaint about sedition. And the NRWAFD sees himself – as so often – as a victim of a smear campaign. It describes the many critical voices as absurd “attack on freedom from satire”.

AfD in NRW: Coloring book with racist motifs

On the outside, the AfD tries diligently to keep up the appearance of the supposedly bourgeois. Hardly any official of the right-wing national party has given talk or political broadcasts the opportunity to claim that the party represents the center of society.

The racist and xenophobic failures are completely at odds with this. Above all, the “wing” around BjOrn HOcke is considered the pool of right-wing extremist and right-wing national forces of the party. But there are always racist failures in NRW.

This time in the form of a coloring book, which causes speechlessness on the net. The title is inconspicuously “NRW for coloring”. A topic with a lot of potential: mining, mining, dumps, cultural diversity or the Cologne Cathedral – but the AfD faction decided on completely different motives. And they just drip racist prejudices.

Racist images in the AfD coloring book

A picture bears the heading “We bathe it out”. It shows people running out of a swimming pool. They apparently flee from the people in the pool. There are women and men with big ears, curly hair and bones veiled in a burqa. A colonial and racist account. One of them tries to reach for a woman.

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A knife is also held in the picture on the right. The feeling that should obviously be conveyed: As a white person, you have no choice in the swimming pool than to flee.

Another picture illustrates a car parade, possibly after a Turkish wedding. All men carry weapons and shoot with them. Many wear a fez, a head covering formerly common in the Orient and in the Balkans. The only woman in the picture is veiled, carries two Turkey flags. A car runs over a cat. Once again, a clearly xenophobic message can be read, which puts all marriages from Turkey or with Turkish roots under a general suspicion.

Mysterious author

“Roberto Obscuro” is named as the author of the extremely questionable works. “NRW for coloring” seems to be his first work. No other caricatures can be assigned to his name so far.

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It is most likely an artist name. “Obscuro” translated from Latin roughly means “hide, darken, make unrecognizable”.

Shock after racist coloring pages

SPD chairman Thomas Kutschaty has already tweeted: “The #NoAfD has published a racist coloring book. Now she wants to incite children with her inhuman ideology. A note on waste recycling: This book belongs in the brown bin. “

Other reactions to the coloring book online are also dismayed. Many are shocked by the open racism of the pictures:

  • “Wow. At most I would have trusted the NPD or something. Just wow. “
  • “Somehow that reminds me of my childhood in the GDR. Black and white thinking and images of the enemy were already cultivated in children’s books … the “bad guys” in this case were just others. Exactly the same methodology. “
  • “I summarize: A clearly satirical song of a grandma who drives a motorcycle in the hen house is a terrible instrumentalization of children and not satire, but a racist coloring book is of course satirical?”
  • “It is clearly incitement and is punishable. Has anyone filed a complaint? “
  • “They can’t talk to satire out there, not in coloring books for children … I think it hacks!”

Apparently, however, that is exactly the AfD’s plan. After the shitstorm against the party started, she published a press release in which she wrote: “In the fight against the successes of the AfD, freedom of art and satire should now also be attacked. The AfD parliamentary group in North Rhine-Westphalia has published an art book with satirical sketches on the state of the country. “

Coloring book could have consequences

The bones in the hair are “bathing caps from Central European women”. It is based on a coloring book for adults and one is even happy about the success. “We landed another hit there. Art doesn’t just have to come from the left, ”said AfD parliamentary group leader Markus Wagner. According to his statements, “Antifa extremists” would attack the freedom of art.


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For the legal nationals, however, the coloring book could have serious consequences. The police confirmed on Twitter on Tuesday: “We are aware of these children’s coloring books. We already have a complaint against the AfD parliamentary group for sedition. ”According to the German press agency, state security is now investigating the case. (with dpa)

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