Coronavirus: Trump locks out Europeans – Merkel’s coordinator makes serious allegations


United States President going it alone: ​​Donald Trump announced a far-reaching decision for all Europeans. Before that, he talked down the coronavirus crisis.

  • For his handling of the Coronavirus spread stands Donald Trump increasingly criticized.
  • After Trump also had contact with politicians who are now in quarantine, it is not clear whether he is already on CoVid-19 was tested.
  • President Trump has now announced a far-reaching decision.

Update 3:59 p.m.: Foreign Minister too Heiko Maas (SPD) pushes the US President’s coronavirus pushDonald Trump also bitter. The reason: Trump has that Entry freeze for Europeans in the USA not coordinated with its allies. Maas emphasized the global challenge in Berlin: “We will not do it justice, not even in the USA, when decisions are made that are garnished with Blaming. “

Mass said: “The announcement of this decision that there have been failures in Europe also suggests that less factual reasons may have played a role in this decision.”

Europeans outraged by Trump’s entry ban decision – “Cooperation Instead of Unilateral Actions”

Update 2 p.m.: US President Donald Trump’s entry ban into the United States for Europeans outrages the European Union. EU leaders criticized the measure on Thursday – and opposed the accusation that the EU had not done enough to combat the new Covid-19 disease. The EU Commission was not yet able to say on Thursday how exactly things will continue in transatlantic air traffic.

“The corona virus is a global crisis that is not limited to one continent and requires cooperation instead of unilateral action,” explained EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Council President Charles Michel together. “The European Union disapproves of the fact that the US decision to freeze entry was made unilaterally and without consultation.” They added: “The European Union is acting decisively to limit the spread of the virus.”

Whether the EU is considering travel restrictions, the EU commission initially open. “The EU is not in the habit of shooting from the hip,” spokesman Eric Mamer said. “Good politics needs reflection, it needs consultations.” The consequences of US policy will be analyzed and the next steps examined.

The Federal Government Coordinator for Transatlantic RelationsMeanwhile, Peter Beyer accuses Trump of politically abusing the corona crisis. He considers the entry ban imposed by Trump to be “excessive” for Europeans, said the dpa CDU politician. “So this seems to be primarily a political decision,” said Beyer. “Politically misusing the Corona epidemic is critical and questionable.” It was also inconclusive why Britain had been exempted from the entry stop, even though it was geographically part of Europe.

Corona virus: Lufthansa is examining the consequences of Trump’s entry ban – flight cancellations are coming

Update 10.54 a.m .: After this US President Donald Trump surprisingly one in the night on Thursday Entry freeze for Europeans in the USA announced, checks the German airline Lufthansa now the consequences of this step. It was still too early to mention concrete effects on the flight schedule and operations, a company spokesman said on Thursday. But it is clear that the situation has worsened again with the announcements of the US President and it is further flight cancellations will come.

Corona virus: Trump locks out Europeans from the United States – Dax crashes

Update 9.33 a.m .: The widespread Covid 19 crisis pushed the Dax back below the 10,000 point mark for the first time since July 2016. The German stock index fell on Thursday immediately at the start of trading by 5.5 percent to 9,864 points. Previously, prices at the major international trading centers in Tokyo and New York had also dropped significantly.

After the recent losses the worried in the night on Thursday Announcement from U.S. President Donald Trumpto close the US borders for foreigners from Europe for new pressure. “We will suspend all travel from Europe to the US for the next 30 days,” Trump said in a speech to the nation. This does not apply to travelers from Great Britain.

EU Council President Charles Michel has already warned of the economic consequences of the US entry ban on Europeans. “Economic disruption must be avoided,” wrote Michel on Thursday in the short message service Twitter. The European Union will check the entry stop against Europeans on Thursday. “Europe is taking all necessary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, limit the number of people affected and promote research.”

Coronavirus: New York State makes tough decision – St. Patrick’s Day parade suspended

Update 8.32 a.m .: To prevent further spreading of the corona virus, the traditional one is the first in more than 250 years Parade for St. Patrick’s Day in New York been suspended. The decision was not an easy one, state governor Andrew Cuomo said after media reports on Wednesday evening (local time).

Health experts agree, however, that large events and close contacts need to be restricted to curb the spread of the virus. The parade planned for March 17 in honor of the Irish patron saint Saint Patrick should take place later, it was said.

Coronavirus: President Trump announces far-reaching decision – few exceptions

Update March 12, 2020, 6:14 a.m .: The United States has imposed a general entry ban on people from Europe for 30 days due to the spread of the novel corona virus. The entry ban is due to come into effect on Friday at midnight (local time), as President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday in a television speech. According to him, it does not apply to US citizens living in Europe who would be tested negatively for the pathogen. Great Britain is also exempt from the entry ban.

The measures are needed to protect “health and well-being” of US citizens, Trump said. He accused the EU of not reacting sufficiently to the spread of the pathogen. The European Union failed to impose a general entry ban on travelers from China after the virus broke out. The pandemic had started in China.

Trump also appealed to Congress to curb the economic impact of the corona crisis by rapidly cutting income taxes. He also announced that for certain companies and groups of citizens, the deadlines for their tax payments should be extended. This should flow $ 200 billion in additional liquidity to the US economy, the president said.

The corona virus is spreading increasingly in the United States. More than a thousand contagions have now been confirmed in the country. Around 30 people died from the infection.

Coronavirus: Trump refuses to have testing done – despite contact with potentially infected people

Update March 11, 2020, 9:04 p.m .: The U.S. government is considering the Corona virus crisis future Entry ban for people from Europe. Acting Vice Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli said in Congress on Wednesday that the question was how to treat Europe as a whole.

The measures adopted so far could not yet prohibit entry from Europe. But the question will be examined. The U.S. government had already in late January Entry bans for non-US citizens decided that themselves stopped in China had.

Coronavirus: Trump refuses to test despite contact with possible infected people – with an absurd reason

Update March 11, 2020, 4:55 p.m .: The US government is working in the face of Corona virus crisis continue on a package of measures to support the US economy. “That is a top priority for the President,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Washington on Wednesday. The Government of President Donald Trump work “full time” on the Aid package. After meeting representatives of Trump’s Republicans and opposition Democrats, Mnuchin was confident that the US Congress could soon pass a law to this effect.

Trump had already announced a package of measures on Monday to address the Effects of the corona virus on the US economy cushion. He actually wanted to present his plans on Tuesday – but that never happened.

Update from March 11, 2020, 9.13 a.m .: Although US president Donald Trump recently with three MPs came into contactwhich in turn with Coronavirus infected came, Trump continues to explain not ready, yourself on the lung disease to be tested. He bases this decision on the fact that he has no symptoms. Since the Incubation period after infection * with the corona virus, however, up to 14 days can last and Trump’s recent contact with a quarantine case according to dpa information only on Monday However, this justification is not exactly reassuring. Because during the incubation period, the affected person can already be infected without showing symptoms *.

No corona symptoms: US President does not want to be tested

Republican Matt Gaetz, with whom Trump Swiss daily gazette had flown from Orlando to Washington on Monday, meanwhile went to quarantinebecause he was in contact with an infected person. His Test result has not yet been determined, it is expected this Wednesday. Another of the three critical contacts, Trump’s designated new head of state Mark Meadows, remembered Corona test already negative out. The other suspect Trump has had contact with is the Congressman Doug Collins.

Update at 10:25 p.m .: Republicans and Democrats seldom agree, especially during the election campaign. Dealing with this claim is symbolic of dealing with it novel corona virus *. During the Democrats Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders planned appearances at campaign events in Ohio due to the corona virus canceled, Donald Trump was not particularly impressed by the virus.

Incidentally, not only Donald Trump is criticized for dealing with the corona crisis. Angela Merkel also had to face allegations in connection with CoVId-19 *.

Coronavirus: Trump’s MP with contact with infected person – President refrains from testing

The US President * see no needto undergo a corona test. The 73-year-old feels “extremely good”, as he assured journalists in Washington. “There are no symptoms, nothing,” said the president. Donald Trump * recently had contact with three MPs from his party, who in turn had contact with an infected person.

One of them is Trump’s newly appointed chief of staff Mark Meadowswho, after voluntary isolation, already tested negative for the virus. In the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University numbers, over 800 confirmed cases are reported and 28 people died as a result of the virus.

The President recently surprised with strange statements about the fight against the corona virus. Meanwhile, the primaries are continuing in the United States – also partially overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis.

Corona virus: Donald Trump again on Twitter – this time against the central bank

Update at 4:06 p.m .: Donald Trump must be responsible for dealing with the Corona crisis take some criticism right now. Now the US President hands out. He has the Federal Reserve (Fed) on Tuesday in a Twitter post as “Pathetic” designated and accused those responsible there that the institute would move too “slowly”. The central bank must lower the key interest rate to a level similar to other countries with which the United States is in economic competition, Trump said.

“The Federal Reserve must be a leader, not a very late straggler as before,” Trump continued on Twitter. The US Federal Reserve had already cut its key interest rate by half a percentage point last week in view of the spread of the corona virus. Trump has repeatedly attacked the US Federal Reserve in the past. It breaks the custom of respecting the independence of the central bank.

First message from March 10, 2020:

Washington / New York – Although the Coronavirus * die United States with so far around 600 infected and 26 deaths has not been hit as hard as Italy or China, for example, because of the mysterious lung disease in the United States great uncertainty, which now seems to be turning into distrust of American President Donald Trump *.

Corona virus: There is mistrust of Trump on the New York Stock Exchange

“To be careful, you are not exactly optimistic, that the American government correctly assesses the seriousness of the situationlet alone under control, ”reported ZDFCorrespondent Johannes Hano in the journal of the today New York Stock Exchange. There is extreme uncertainty there, Hano described the mood on Wall Street. “Panic, loss of control, recession – these are words that have been circulating here all day. “

Trump did after the massive slump in the New York Stock Exchange on Monday “Dramatic
Measures ”against the economic consequences of the corona virus have been announced. But economists and many other observers in the United States doubt whether he actually takes the virus as seriously as it should be. This is not surprising given some of the statements made by the President not so long ago. So Trump * said recently that you shouldn’t worry everything is good, reports Hano. It will be as fast as the virus came into the world miraculously disappear again.

Also interesting: Why the corona virus will have no chance in the end *, argues Merkur editor-in-chief Georg Anastasiadis in his current comment*.

Corona virus episodes are a key issue on Wall Street – traders nervous about Trump

“But you don’t believe in miracles here. You look at China, look at Europe and see what happens there Collapse markets, Retail chains interrupted and you get nervous, ”said Hano about the behavior of stock traders on the New York Stock Exchange. The problem is that it is not at all clear where the whole thing will end, Hano continues. “Unlike a singular event like a tsunami.” You knew what had happened, you could take action immediately. You can’t do that here and that’s why you’re extremely nervous.

Trump has meanwhile announced that he will be meeting with members of Congress on Tuesday Measures against the consequences of the epidemic for the US economy to advise wool. The talks will include another possible one Reduction of income tax
r go. Also about Support measures for affected by the corona crisis Companies should be spoken.

Also interesting: COVID-19 and flu in comparison – this is how the two viral diseases differ

Corona virus “hit the world out of the blue,” Trump said

For Wednesday, Trump invited the heads of major US financial institutions to discuss the economic consequences of the corona virus White House a, as reported from banking circles. The Virus outbreak * have the Hit the world out of the blueThe US President said. So far, his government has “handled the epidemic very well,” Trump said again. That is what prevails at Wall Street but apparently a different opinion. And even with one of his most recent Twitter posts, Trump probably doesn’t help to alleviate distrust of his handling of the corona crisis. In his post, Trump emphasizes that the corona virus has had much less of an impact than common flu so far. Life and the economy could go on as normal, the US President wrote on Monday. But yesterday’s stock market slump shows that he’s not right.

Somewhat worrying is the fact that two US MPswho recently had direct contact with President Donald Trump for the corona virus in quarantine have issued. Republican parliamentarians Doug Collins and Matt Gaetz At the end of February, conservative activists and parliamentarians (CPAC) were in close contact with a participant who was infected with the novel pathogen, the two MPs said on Monday.

Coronavirus: Trump has had contact with quarantine cases – it is unclear whether he has been tested

Had last Friday Collins Trump at the CDC health office in Atlanta, Georgia hit and shook his hand. Gaetz was on Monday with Trump in the Air Force One presidential plane on road. However, whether Trump has now been tested for the virus is unclear. Vice President Mike Pence said on Monday that he has no information on this. He announced information from the medical officer in the White House.

Incidentally, the coronavirus is not only causing turmoil in the American government. Government leaders in this country are also currently engaged in heated debates in the Bundestag. In addition, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is currently relatively severely restricted by the corona crisis. After being in contact with someone in Brussels who is now suspected of having coronavirus, he initially stays at home in Ingolstadt. Another politician even quarantined for 14 days.

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