A truck ends up on the roof of a house


ALBAN, Ontario | A rental truck found itself perched on the roof of a house in Alban, Northern Ontario, in a strange and inexplicable accident.

The accident occurred shortly after 5 pm on Highway 64, local media reported. In all likelihood, the truck could have hit an electric pole full forcefully, which was reinforced by a second pole, before bouncing off the roof of the house.

The heavyweight from the Penske Truck Rental rental company then found the back stuck on the roof, while his cabin remained embedded in the post, can we see on photos of Internet users and on a photo shared by the Ontario Provincial Police.

The electric pole broke at half height under the force of the impact.

The police had not yet provided details in the evening about the causes and circumstances surrounding this unusual accident and the state of the driver's health.

Alban is a tiny community about 60 kilometers south of Sudbury, near the Trans-Canada Highway.

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