Maxime Bernier clarifies his position on abortion


(Ottawa) The leader of the People's Party of Canada (CPP), Maxime Bernier, is ready to restrict the right of women to have an abortion at the end of their pregnancy.

Catherine Lévesque
The Canadian Press

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Mr. Bernier has clarified his personal opinion on this issue after maintaining a lack of clarity in recent weeks.

He states that he agrees to allow abortions "up to 24, 25, 26 weeks because at that time the fetus is not a child".

Third trimester abortions could be performed "under certain conditions", as if the mother's life is in danger, adds Bernier.

The member for Beauce since 2006 has always voted against his former Conservative colleagues' attempts to reopen the abortion debate in the House of Commons.

But as head of the CPP, he defines himself as "pro-choice" or "pro-life" to avoid "tinting" his party's direction.

If he succeeds in having members elected under his party's banner on October 21, they would have the right to introduce a bill to reopen the abortion debate. Mr. Bernier also promises a free vote.

At present, the vast majority of abortions take place before 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Those who are practiced after 25 weeks of pregnancy – the third trimester – are more rare and number about twenty a year in Quebec.

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