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Another Good End: you take a 32 ”TV when you buy your cell phone

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Another one of the Good end, Well, this time a user in Iztapalapa took advantage of the error in the advertisement to take a 32-inch television and a cell phone at the same price.

What happened?

During the last hours of Good end, a customer took advantage of an ad error to get a free TV when buying a cell phone.

Invalid promotion

The customer who noticed the error in the ad, did not hesitate to buy a cell phone to take the television for free, since the sign clearly said that they would give him a screen.

However, when paying the communication equipment company did not want to validate the promotion and even tried to change the conditions of sale.

“They offered me a kit and when I got to pay they told me there were other conditions, which they didn’t specify. I called Profeco and we finally achieved what the supplier initially offered”Confirmed the store user.

Given this fact, the client validated his rights as a consumer and requested the intervention of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) during this Good end.

Profeco intervention

With the timely intervention of Profeco and the tests of the promotions offered by the establishment during the Good end, the store had no choice but to make the promotion valid.

Photography via: El Universal

Well, they say that errors are expensive and proof of this was this case, since the client obtained his 32-inch screen when buying his telephone equipment.

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For its part, the store had to correct its advertising so as not to be affected again by the fact of not placing the details of the promotions during this season of the Good end.

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Lack of details

It must be remembered that it is not the first time that a similar event has occurred, since it is a recurring issue not to put the details in the promotions during times like Good End, a situation that ends up harming commercial establishments.

In this case, the promotion never clarified that the offer was when hiring a rate plan that consisted of several months, so the client took advantage of this Good end to get a cell phone and television at one price.

Therefore, the user left the Parque Tezontle store, located in Iztapalapa, ready to enjoy the bargain he found in this Good end 2020.