We explain why only seasons 29 and 30 are available on this new streaming platform.

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By Gabriela Trujillo

Sunday, November 22, 2020, at 03:00


Despite the fact that the launch of Disney Plus in Mexico was in style and subscribers are happy with the wide catalog of classics and stories that are liked by all members of the family, there is a sector that wonders about why what the full seasons of The Simpsons are not available.

This started a debate on social networks that the streaming platform had to respond to the constant questions of this situation that surprised the audience.

Disney Simpsons and all the doubts that have been generated about the complete seasons

More than one fan of the irreverent yellow characters was left with the desire to enjoy their entire seasons, however, Diego Lerner, the president of the Walt Disney Company chain assured that this measure of only including two deliveries in the platform’s catalog streaming are due to the strong content that The Simpsons handles and that contrasts with the familiar approach with which this account is managed.

The measure also corresponds to the fact that the Fox network and the channels TV Azteca in Mexico and Telefé in Argentina still maintain the transmission rights of the series, so they cannot access all its seasons while the required permits do not yet exist.

Despite this, Lerner considers that little by little the rest of the deliveries can be integrated so that they are enjoyed by the fans who can now also see them through Disney Plus Mexico.

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