We show you how these actors and actresses have changed who gave life to the most unforgettable characters in this neighborhood.

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By Gabriela Trujillo

Sunday, November 22, 2020, at 05:00


The series Here is no one alive continues to generate news. And it is that after almost 20 years of its premiere on Spanish television, some of its favorite actors and actresses continue to be remembered by the faithful followers of this comedy in which the occurrences of a very particular neighborhood are the order of the day. That is why here we show you how they look today.

This is how some of the most prominent characters of the series Here there is no one alive

There are loyal followers of the series.Here there is no one who lives who is attentive to how the evolution of their favorite characters has been after this series became a success, but there are few who know what has happened to the most prominent actors of this comedy and less how they currently look. Therefore, here we show them:


Actor Fernando Tejero became the guardian and goalkeeper of the most controversial neighborhood in Spain. After the success obtained with his character of Emilio He won the affection of the audience, however, he continued working on numerous projects such as La que se avecina, a remake of Here there is no one who lives and in which he plays Fermín Trujillo. Now he is more mature, with more gray hair and a little more robust and with a bolder look.


The actress Malena Alterio He became Emilio’s love, but a conflictive love, full of uncertainty and with which he also won the affection of the public. After the success of the series, he dedicated himself to working on countless plays.


She remains current on Spanish television now in the series La que se avecina. That is why the actress Maria Adánez It has not been one of those that the audience has missed the most, because it has not stopped working in the artistic field and always with characters full of humor.

Juan Cuesta

The actor Jose Luis Gil He is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic actors who, with his witty philosophical character to whom no one paid attention to his ideas, opted for acting, a profession with which he continues to gain the recognition and respect of his colleagues and the public. He also joined the ranks of the remake of La que se avecina.

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