20 minutes – swimming icon Phelps fears fatal consequences


The American Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympic athlete in the history of sports. The ex-swimmer won no less than 23 gold medals in his career. His World Cup also includes 26 World Cup titles.

Points of contact for those affected by suicide:

Nebelmeer – Perspectives after the suicide of a parent (Nebelmeer.net);

Refugium – Guided self-help groups for survivors after suicide (Verein-refugium.ch);

Rainbow Switzerland Association (Verein-regenbogen.ch).

But all the successes do not protect against health problems. Phelps has been suffering from depression for years. He found a way to live with it. “It’s not going to go away,” he says. “But I’ve learned that my depression and anxiety make me what I am.”

However, Phelps fears that other athletes are not as stable mentally. The postponement of the Olympic Games is difficult for many athletes to cope with. In an NBC interview, he raised suicide. He was concerned that the suicide rate among active people could increase.

“It breaks my heart”

This shift is unknown territory, one has never seen it before. It was the right decision, “but it breaks my heart for the athletes,” says Phelps.

The 34-year-old goes on to say: «Your whole life is geared towards this moment – and then this enormous turn. Had that happened to me, I would have freaked out in the face of uncertainty. As someone who has gone through some really deep phases of depression and is still dealing with it, I hope and pray that each of these athletes will receive psychological help in this situation. »

The 1.93 meter tall ex-athlete therefore asked the Olympic Committee IOK to help the athletes. «You have to do it now. Because now is the most critical moment for the athletes. »

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