20 minutes – Thomas Wiesel bedroom Nati


For once the Nati players try something to get closer to their audience, it would not fail that we do not take them seriously.

With the release of the video clip where they sing John Lennon’s Imagine Tour de Gran, Xhaka et Cie would like to make their contribution to the fight against coronavirus. A good intention, it goes without saying, but for what result?

The humorist Thomas Wiesel did not resist the temptation to ironically somewhat on the vocal performance of the men of Petkovic. Each player is entitled to his little valve. And we must admit that it is writhing.

We want to send a message in these difficult times and we were inspired by the viral clip made on Imagine’s notes, says Captain Lichtsteiner. So we hope to give you some hope.

Hope, we don’t know. The smile, however, was found.



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