50-inch TV with 4K for 299 euros – is it worth buying?


Aldi Sud and Nord have a new Smart TV on offer from today. It is the Medion Life X15060, which uses 4K resolution, 50-inch screen and a particularly affordable price. But is the offer worth it at all? GIGA introduces the television.

Aldi TV Medion Life X15060 for 299 euros

Update from March 25th, 2020: As of today, the TV is on sale at Aldi Sud and Nord for 299 euros. You can find out what the TV can do and whether it is worth buying in the article below.

Note: The corona virus in many branches means that entry is now heavily controlled and, depending on the size of the store, access is only possible for a few people. Often you can only get in alone and with a shopping cart. Pay attention to the safety distance of 1.5 to 2 meters and bring patience. The best thing to do is to combine a visit to Aldi with a normal shopping trip so that you don’t have to drive unnecessarily often.

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Aldi Sud and Nord want just 299 euros for the Medion Life X15060 television, which will be available from March 26, 2020 in the south and north branches of the discount store. With such a competitive price, it is of course worth taking a closer look at the device.

New Aldi TV soon on offer (source: GIGA / Aldi).

The Smart TV is equipped with a 50-inch LC display that has a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. LED backlight is also part of the game, High Dynamic Range (HDR 10) is also supported. Classic television is possible with the HD triple tuner, signals are received here via cable, satellite and DVB-T2 HD. Apps for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are pre-installed.

The Medion Life X15060 has a clear catch, however, since the brightness is only stated at 350 cd / m². Certainly bearable in this price range, but the television is definitely not particularly bright. We can only advise against operation in the immediate vicinity of the window. The illumination at the edges should not be particularly good either.

The Medion 4K TV Life X15060. Image: press release.

Medion Life X15060 with three HDMI ports

When it comes to the connections, the 4K TV from Aldi cuts a better figure again. As a highlight, there are three HDMI ports (HDMI 2.0) available, which is anything but a given at a price of 299 euros. A CI + interface is also available, WiFi is of course also on board, otherwise it would not be a Smart TV. With Medion’s Life Remote app, the TV can be controlled directly with the cell phone, whether Android or iOS.

Aldi-TV Medion Life X15060: Is the offer worth it?

If you are looking for a particularly affordable 4K TV and can do without the best hardware, the Medion Life X15060 is certainly well served. 299 euros are a real bargain in this area, if not too much is demanded of the device.

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Quite comparable offers can be found on Amazon. It costs 339 euros here. For a real brand TV, however, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. It is currently available for 399 euros. In comparison, the Aldi range is really good.

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