a former president attacks Cristiano Ronaldo!


The Italian people have been living complicated hours for a few weeks. Indeed, Italy is today the country most affected by the coronavirus in the world. A pandemic that forced the suspension of all championships in Europe, including Serie A. And some non-Italian players did not hesitate to leave the country like Cristiano Ronaldo, who went to his mother Madeira or Gonzalo Higuain, going to Argentina on his side.


“The situation got complicated with Ronaldo, who was the first to leave”

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An attitude that did not please the former president of Juventus (2006-2009), Cobolli Gigli. Indeed, the latter did not hesitate to criticize the choice of these players to leave Italy as soon as the confinement was announced during an interview with Radio Punto Nuovo. “After Ronaldo’s departure, the situation deteriorated. It’s easy to criticize after the fact, but from the outside I don’t understand why these players left Italy. When they return, I hope as soon as possible, it will be difficult to resume because they will still have 14 days of confinement. The situation was complicated with Ronaldo, who was the first to leave, on the pretext of wanting to stay with his mother, while today he is showing off tanning by the edge of a mega pool. At this point, after making the concession to Ronaldo, Higuain also had to go to his mom, someone else had to go here and there and the situation got worse. It isn’t something that should have happened, they should have been quarantined at the Juventus hotel, just like the Inter players should have stayed there, “he said. Atmosphere.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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