After Corona disease: police stop Johannes B. Kerner on a walk


Johannes B. Kerner is one of the celebrities who have already contracted the Corona virus. The entertainer publicized his COVID-19 infection two weeks ago and confirmed that he was in quarantine. Meanwhile, Kerner is healthy again, may leave his apartment. Nevertheless, strange situations arise in public.

In an interview with comedian Matze Knop, who hosts the new program “Matze Knops Homeoffice” at Sky at 5:30 p.m., Kerner revealed that he was approached several times about his illness. Many are obviously afraid that he is still infectious, said the 55-year-old. Kerner reports of two encounters in his adopted home of Hamburg.

Supermarket staff worried when they see Kerner

“I was positive and survived that,” Kerner said in an interview with Knop. “In this respect, I was already out in the fresh air and overall had a very flat course.” After being confirmed by the doctor and the health department, virus-free Kerner bought to be in a Hamburg supermarket. His visit did not go undetected for long.

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“Then two employees came up to me and said: ‘We heard that you were positive. Are you healthy now?’ I have an official letter from the Hamburg Health Department, in which the quarantine has been lifted. It was only ordered and now it has been lifted. I showed it then, then everything was safe, “said Kerner on the TV show.

Kerner shows understanding for police control

He was also stopped on a walk along the Alster last Tuesday. This time by two policemen. “They stopped me and also wanted to see this letter. And of course I showed them that,” said Kerner.

The moderator is not upset about the controls, but shows understandings: “They are all doing a good and important job now. In this respect: Don’t joke about it. It’s tough times, but I hope it will pass.”

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