Agricultural horticultural companies are open and rely on delivery


The current range of nurseries includes spring bloomers, potted herbs and the first vegetables.

Agricultural horticultural companies are excluded from the closure of the shops. They fall under §2 of the regulation on provisional measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To ensure that customers feel safe, the nurseries and tree nurseries pay attention to the legal distance between people and to hygiene measures. Many companies have greatly expanded their delivery service to meet their customers or offer self-service in front of the greenhouses.

Working with flowers and plants is a positive change at this time and good for the psyche. The current range of nurseries includes spring bloomers, potted herbs and the first vegetables. In nurseries you can also get shrubs and shrubs. There are also planted baskets filled with daffodils, bellis, catkins and many other spring bloomers for the upcoming Easter. Those who have a garden or balcony have the perfect balance in the crisis. Special attention can be paid this year to the fruit and vegetable garden.

“Nurseries are exceptions and may be open. Even in this difficult time, you can supply yourself with plants for the balcony and garden. Call your garden center and ask about opening times and delivery service, ”advises Ulrike Jezik-Osterbauer, President of the Federation of Austrian Gardeners.

Difficult situation for producers

The situation is very difficult for all companies that supply garden center chains, hardware stores and florists. Since these trading partners have been closed, there is no sales. Many hotels will also do without floral decorations. The production was pre-financed, but now the income is missing. It is particularly tragic for domestic cut flower producers. Florists were closed and all occasions where cut flowers are used, such as weddings, funerals or birthday parties, do not take place or only take place on a very small scale. However, the production of flowers and ornamental plants cannot be discontinued, since they are living plants and there must be goods for the time after Corona.

Production in numbers

According to Statistics Austrias horticultural survey, 16.5 million spring bloomers, such as pansies or primroses, are produced in Austria every year and should actually be sold now. From mid-April, 28.7 million bedding and balcony flowers, 1.2 million strawberry plants and 24.0 million vegetable plants and potted herbs will follow. June is the traditional time for selling rose bushes. The domestic companies produce about 1.2 million of them. In return, the pure autumn range is only 9.7 million plants. Woody plants and perennials are produced both in spring and autumn, but 2 million fruit trees, 1.5 million conifers, 2.4 million deciduous trees and 7.1 million perennials are too much without secured sales channels in spring. With a production value of 400 million euros per year, ornamental plant production is an important part of agriculture.


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