Airbus reduces wing in Germany and the United Kingdom


Airbus announces a reduction in its production of aircraft wings over the next three weeks at its factories in Germany and

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Airbus announces a reduction in production of aircraft wings during next three weeks its factories in Germany and the United Kingdom, anticipating postponements of orders due to the coronavirus crisis which is shutting down the entire aviation sector.

After examining inventory levels and immediate demand for final assembly lines, Airbus decided to adapt ” production activity “In the wing factories:” Production and the corresponding production support activities of the wing factories in Bremen (Germany), Filton and Broughton (United Kingdom) will be reduced, with an extended Easter holiday in Broughton and Filton and a reduced work week in Bremen“, Said the European aircraft manufacturer in a press release published today.

These three sites will remain open during this period and will continue to provide ” wing deliveries to final assembly lines, receipt and control of supply chain materials and components, building and facility maintenance, critical administrative support and preparation for business restart“. Employees will continue to perform activities remotely via telework where their activities are not directly related to the production activity being adapted.

Airbus requested a new 15 billion euro credit facility on Monday and suspended plans for 2020 due to lack of visibility in the aeronautics market in the coming months.

The European aircraft manufacturer partially resumed production and assembly in France and Spain on Monday March 23 after a four-day break. At the same time, activities in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States continued at a normal rate, but wing production will therefore be reduced soon.

Unions in Spain strongly criticized the resumption of production on Monday, finding it incompatible with the health of workers, while 138 cases of coronavirus were detected by management. The CGT minority union launched an unlimited strike strike from March 30 to denounce the continuation of production. The majority CCOO union has not yet joined the strike call, but is also calling for a halt to the activities.


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