Apple is considering postponing the launch of the iPhone 12


The corona virus currently messes up a lot. Not only are people’s lives necessarily being massively restricted, the economy is also suffering significantly. Large companies sometimes shut down entire production lines or shut down production. The domino effect in the supply chain is immense. Nobody really knows when something will return to normal, but it will certainly take some time before everything is back to normal.

Apple is also observing developments around the world and, as the Nikkei reports, it is currently being considered to postpone the launch of the new iPhone, which usually takes place in September, for a few months. There are many different reasons for this. On the one hand, Apple does not currently see the need for users to buy a new iPhone in these times, because the priorities are currently somewhere else. Recently, statistics have shown that the smartphone market is currently collapsing massively.

The effects of the Corona crisis are also clearly visible in the smartphone’s development plan. Travel restrictions have prevented Apple from talking to prototypes and making changes to suppliers. Furthermore, almost the entire organization is currently in the home office until the beginning of April. Some suppliers have probably received the information that quantities of certain components will not be available until August, although in the past few years delivery has always been in June. Others have not received any changes in the schedule.

Discussions about the postponement are said to be at a very early stage. Since Apple absolutely has to be successful with the new iPhone, which is to be launched on the market with 5G for the first time, it seems to be a very likely decision. Specific measures are likely to be discussed in May, when the situation around the corona virus has hopefully changed for the better.

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