Ariana Grande as a couple, the identity of her new lover revealed!


This is a great way to test their love! Fresh out of her relationship with Mikey Foster – of the Social House group – Ariana Grande found her footwear again. This is what suggests, in any case, the different stories she posts on Instagram with a mysterious young man named Dalton Gomez. If Monsieur has a private account on the social network, he has among his followers the interpreter of the title Into you. Little information circulates about him except that he is a real estate agent for the Aaron Kirman Group and that he deals with relatively luxurious properties, including villas located in Malibu of a value that can reach the $ 11 million.

She was not crazy in love with Mikey Foster

Ariana Grande is currently confined, in quarantine, with her new lover. For nine months, until recently, the 26-year-old singer fluttered in the arms of Mikey Foster. A “pleasant love “ that would never have resulted in something serious, explained a source close to the American media Hollywood Life at the time of their rupture. “She really liked Mikey, but she wasn’t crazy in love with him, we said. They just took advantage of their complicity and tried to see if it could give anything more. In the end, it didn’t happen and there was no animosity. They had fun and are friends now. No heart was broken.“It must be said that we had to face the facts.

Did Ariana Grande introduce Dalton Gomez to her friends?

While she was still supposed to be in a relationship, Ariana Grande had been roasted in a bar in Northridge, in Los Angeles, kissing a mysterious young man. History does not tell us if it was already Dalton Gomez, but this little hopper clearly did not fix things. “Mikey realized it was over between him and Ariana when he saw these photos, adds another source. He knew it was serious between this stranger and Ariana because Njomza [la meilleure amie de la chanteuse, NDLR] was present that evening. For Mikey, that meant Ariana was ready to introduce him to his group of friends. “Thank U … next!

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