Automobile giants organize to manufacture artificial respirators


In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, manufacturers of artificial respirators increased their production. To avoid shortages, several car manufacturers, equipped to do so, are also starting to manufacture them.

As the global toll of the Covid-19 continues to grow, with more 415,000 cases detected and more than 18,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus, the shortage of medical equipment is starting to be felt more and more. We often and rightly talk about gloves and masks, but let’s not forget either artificial respirators, which allow ventilation of the lungs in people with respiratory failure.

In order to meet the needs, the main manufacturers have organized themselves. Like the American company GE Healthcare and the Swedish giant Getinge, who have strengthened their teams and are now aiming to triple their production capacities. These same efforts are seen in French Air Liquide or German Dräger. However, a little help from outside the sector would be welcome.

Elon Musk answers present

With this in mind, many automotive leaders have offered to help, as have Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. The businessman, after being arrested by a surfer, said last week on Twitter that his factories will be used to produce artificial ventilation devices.

Tesla manufactures cars with sophisticated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, he added in a tweet, also recalling that ” SpaceX manufactures spacecraft with life support medical systems

In other words, the Tesla and SpaceX teams have the technical means to be able to manufacture respirators. In terms of know-how, Elon Musk has exchange this Sunday with the main engineers of Medtronic, a company specializing in medical equipment, in order to be able to manufacture efficient and quickly produced devices.

artificial respirators
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Ford and General Motors also

The Americans Ford and General Motors, which closed their factories until the end of March, were also invited by the White House to organize. The two manufacturers obviously responded.

As the leading vehicle manufacturer and the largest employer of auto workers in the United States, Ford stands ready to assist the administration in any way possible, including the ability to produce fans and other equipment. “Said Mark Truby, director of communications for Ford.

General Motors is working to find solutions for the nation during this difficult time and has offered to help. We are already studying how we can potentially support the production of medical equipment such as ventilators Jeannine Ginivan, spokesman for General Motors, said in a statement.

And again it hasn’t dragged on. This Tuesday, Ford has indeed announced a partnership with GE Healthcare to create a simplified version of its artificial respirators intended for patients heavily affected by Covid-19. General Motors, meanwhile, said on Friday it had partnered with Ventec Life, a medical equipment manufacturer based in Washington state.


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