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Avalanche Studios, the developer behind many flagship series including the Just Cause saga, the latest RAGE or the game Mad Max, changes its name today and is now called Avalanche Studios Group.

In order to show the multiplication of studios within Avalanche Studios, the developer swaps his old name for a brand new one and is now called Avalanche Studios Group.

Since 2003, we have built a sustainable AAA business and over the past five years, we have expanded our portfolio with self-published games. The transition to Avalanche Studios Group and its three divisions marks the start of a new era. Although we have expanded to three creative divisions, our common goal is to provide immersive open world experiences to millions of players around the world. Pim Holfve, CEO of the Avalanche Studios group.

To celebrate this new event, Avalanche Studios Group announces that the Systemic Reaction studio, the studio behind the very average Generation Zero, is currently working on a new project, a new FPS with an oppressive atmosphere.

New Systemic Reaction project unveiled

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