Berlin case numbers rise more slowly and more than 300 corona infected people have recovered Berlin


Of the more than 1,600 Berlin coronavirus infections detected, 384 are already recovered. Overall, the number of cases has increased significantly less in recent days.

This emerges from the current weekly report of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso), which was published on Thursday. With four officially reported deaths so far, the corona mortality rate in Berlin is 0.2 percent. However, on Thursday morning it became known that a fifth patient had died. The dynamics can change the mortality rate. So far, the situation is still considered the beginning of the pandemic.

Regarding the development of the registered infections in the city, however, the report says: “The percentage increase in the number of daily cases has been lower this week than in the previous week.”

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After increases of up to 32 percent between March 17 and 19, the increases for example between March 22 and 24 were a maximum of 15 percent, as the report shows. A graphic shows the cumulative number of cases according to the reporting date and the daily percentage increase.

Experts write about the infections registered in Berlin so far, the inner city districts recorded higher numbers than the districts at the city limits. The average age of those infected in Berlin was 38 years, slightly lower than in Germany (47 years). Some of the infected people have data on where they may have been infected: 740 people in Germany, 149 in Austria and 63 in Italy.

The 384 known convalescents were in quarantine every 14 days. They can now leave their apartments again. Anyone who has the infection behind is considered immune to the virus.

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