Boredom in quarantine ?: Tom Hanks’ wife posts phone number


Ever wanted to talk to Tom Hanks on the phone? At least you could call his wife Rita Wilson now. And maybe she will then pass the listener on to the Hollywood star. Wilson actually posted her cell phone number from her corona quarantine.
In normal times, the publication of the personal telephone number for every star is likely to be quite a catastrophe. Finally, it can be assumed that the phone will no longer be idle. And not every call should turn into a nice chat.

But we don’t live in normal times right now. And so Rita Wilson – actress, singer and incidentally the wife of Tom Hanks – has now released her cell phone number to the public. Voluntarily on her Instagram page.

“Still in quarantine. Today I feel good! But I think we need some new songs to refresh our quarantine playlist,” the 63-year-old explains in an Instagram story. And she actually adds: “Write me your suggestions !! (310) 299-9260.”

No joke!

In another post she underlines once again that this is not a joke. “Yes … you are really reaching me. Write to me so I can let you know how I am and when I am in your city (if we can leave our homes again) so that we can keep in touch. I mean, not really in contact. Keeping away works! “, she explains in a video and her comment.

Wilson and her husband had publicized two weeks ago that they had contracted the coronavirus while in Australia. Since then, out of quarantine, they have kept their fans up to date on the course of their illness. Among other things, the two had to deal with extreme fatigue, but they do not appear to have developed any life-threatening symptoms. Hanks and Wilson are said to be doing much better now.

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