Call of Duty: This brings the Battle Pass in Warzone


The Season Two Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Warzone will only run until April 2nd. We will explain to you whether it is worth buying the extension now.

The Battle Pass can go up to level 100 be leveled. For every rank rise await you Rewards in the form of skins, weapon plans or ep boosts. However, in the free version of the pass you only get 23 of the possible 100 rewards. For the full program 1,000 Modern Warfare Points (CP) worth ten euros be invested. We take a closer look at the benefits of a full Battle Pass.

First of all, it is crucial that the Battle Pass does not bring you any playful advantages. All rewards are cosmetic in nature or serve for a faster level up. Publisher Activision therefore does not use a pay-to-win system. While it is an advantage to level your weapons faster in order to unlock new articles, you will generally receive a lot of experience points (EP) for completed matches and will therefore quickly get to your desired upgrades. The Battle Pass is worthwhile for Players who value the look of their in-game alias: Rewards such as operator skins, watches or weapon plans with a striking look are almost exclusively available in the paid pass version.

CP can be taken again

Basically, it is no problem if you only get the Battle Pass now: The rewards of the already completed ranks are added to your inventory afterwards. Activision has also come up with a reward system for avid gamers: Overall, can Earn 1,300 CP over the Battle Pass. If you level your passport up to level 74, you have taken back the invested CP – the passport is refinanced. In addition, the progress runs parallel to Modern Warfare, all earned rewards can also be used in the paid main game. Since you can’t take advantage of the Battle Pass in a playful way, it remains a matter of taste whether it is worth investing money in skins or not. However, the fact that the season only runs until April 2 should not be a decisive factor in your decision.

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