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Although Call of Duty Warzone is a Battle Royale, which means that you are never sure which weapon you will have to fight with, Infinity Ward has implemented a system of refueling stations, allowing in particular toaccess classes predefined by the player. Available for $ 6,000 harvested during the game, these drops give a significant advantage.

However which class to choose for the Battle Royale mode of Modern Warfare? We present here a class with the M4A1.

What accessories and equipment with the M4A1 on Call of Duty Warzone?

The M4A1 is a fairly versatile assault rifle, thus making it possible to be effective on short distances as on precision shots.

Overview of the M4A1 and its accessories for Call of Duty Warzone (source:

Find below the list of the five accessories to equip on this weapon.

  • Corvus Custom Marksman (Canon)
  • Hybrid Flip x4.0 (Bezel)
  • Forge TAC CQS (Charger)
  • Granulated Grip Tape (Rear handle)
  • Commando front handle (Cannon accessory)

However, a class does not have only one weapon. It is therefore advisable to equip the R9-0 shotgun as a secondary weapon, which will in particular be formidable in close combat. The weapon must also carry the following equipment:

  • Forge TAC Gemini (Canon)
  • 5mW Laser
  • FSS R9-0 Bulldog (Pump)
  • Granulated Grip Tape (Rear handle)
  • Handle before storing (Barrel accessory)

To finish the equipment will also be composed of the following grenades and assets to optimize the class.

Grenade frag (Mortal)Minesweeper
Smoke grenade (Tactical)Overarming

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