Coloc’orona: Oli’s hilarious web-series on containment, without his brother Bigflo


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Oli, from the Toulouse group “Bigflo & Oli”, has just launched a web series with his four confinement partners, entitled “La Coloc’orona”.

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                                                        <p>Like the French, Oli, from the Toulouse group "Bigflo & Oli", is following the containment measures decided by Emmanuel Macron, Monday March 16, to limit the epidemic of coronavirus. And like many celebrities, the rapper decided to be creative to distract his fans.</p><!-- Pub DFP Position [outstream] -->

Indeed, Oli has just launched his own web series, on his Instagram account, entitled “La Coloc’orona”. The 23-year-old Toulousain and his four confinement roommates, Jerem, Niko, Igor, Benji, humorously parody reality TV characters trapped in a house, as in “Secret Story”.

Bonus, internet users can participate in the progress of the adventure, by voting on Oli’s Instagram story.

Already two episodes, viewed more than 250,000 times in a few days, are available.

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