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Football is our life. That was what the German national football team from 1973 sang in full fervor in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in their own country. And the fans sang along! And today? What will happen to the anticipation, the betting games and the fan songs when the entire sports business in Germany is suspended due to the crisis? How do you deal with players, fans and all those professional groups who have dedicated their lives entirely to football?

Football commentary from the home office

With ARD soccer commentator Robby Hunke, who lives in Cologne, it only takes a few days before he can no longer stand the forced break and boredom in his own four walls: he has to go back to his calling! He quickly holds his cell phone camera out of the window – and comments.

“The classic Saturday afternoon kick-off time. Little going, hardly any fans there. ”Not surprising, because we are in the middle of Neusser Strasse in Cologne-Nippes, from where Hunke accompanies the“ game ”in a professional manner.

After a sovereign analysis of the situation, it is only the surprising ball exchange with an unsuspecting passer-by that ensures that the commentator gets into the well-known ecstasy that is otherwise only known from the football stadium: “Volley, volley, VOLLEY!” von Nippes, as the man in the black jacket takes the falling ball from the air.

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ARD football commentator Robby Hunke bridges the Bundesliga break as a # commentator in quarantine.

“The comment always results from the situation,” explains Hunke in the interview. “I also see the similarity to football: you can’t predict what will happen on the street!” But you can comment on it. When a group of young people strolled past Hunke’s window, for example, he speaks of “pack formation”, pleading for the red card: too little distance. And lo and behold: the youngsters diverge from each other, greet the commentator and move sensibly from there.

A bright spot in difficult times

In general, no passerby in the home office had resented any comment, however critical. And the responses on social media, too, where the # commentator quarantine has found a loyal following, are consistently positive. In this difficult phase, passers-by were happy to get into the fun, says Hunke. Understandable, since there is currently a rather depressed mood in the streets, among those who occasionally venture out of the house.

The great response to his action – one may almost speak of the last remaining street art – is explained by Hunke’s authenticity: “People have A: a lot of time, B: little to do and C: they miss the sport.”

But the current situation is not only difficult for fans who have to forego visiting the stadium for the time being: the situation is becoming increasingly acute, especially for those who make a living from sports. Be it sound assistants, files or commentators: they all have an economic interest in the Bundesliga being able to resume operations soon.

Robby Hunke, who recently commented on the ghost game between 1. FC Koln and Borussia Monchengladbach in front of empty spectator stands, would not least be delighted if the game started again – in whatever form: “I can do the games without fans Leave a Comment. Even if it’s not that nice, of course, but it’s affordable. At the end of the day, it’s my job to convey what’s happening on the pitch. ”

Prominent support

The reactions of the social media community impressively demonstrate that this is also met with enthusiasm across the square. One or two of the more well-known faces has now sneaked into the online followers of the # commentator in quarantine: in addition to Bundesliga referee Bibiana Steinhaus, ex-football professional Mladen Petrić has already ventured into the position of co-commentator. Most recently, the DFB international İlkay Gundoğan made his comment on the winning streak of 1. FC Koln. The celebrity guest in Hunke’s new episode is now not for the first time from professional sports.

Juso boss Kevin Kuhnert was one of the first to share Robby Hunke’s videos on social media. Now he is no longer just a follower, but part of the project himself and tries himself as a commentator alongside his professional colleague Hunke. In this episode, Hunkes followers see how their neighbors do when delivering their household waste. Here you can see how Kuhnert is doing in the new profession.

“It remains exciting,” a football commentator could conclude at this point. In professional sports, as well as in the Twitter profile of Robby Hunke, who provides all those thirsty for sports who are currently on the dry, a little refreshment these days. And even if football is not our life for a while, at least on Neusser Strabe life is a little bit more football.

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