Corona Austria / Switzerland: patient lies to doctor – Ischgl scandal worsens


Austria is trying to get the Corona crisis under control. The number of people infected with Covid 19 continues to rise. Meanwhile, there is bad suspicion in Ischgl.

Update from March 26, 2020, 11.35 a.m .: The number of infected people in Austria has risen to 6001. So far, 42 people have died from the consequences of the coronavirus, according to the Johns Hopkins University on their side.

Corona in Ischgl: Tourism Association in Distress

Update from March 26, 2020, 10.50 a.m .: The Tyrolean ski resort of Ischgl is said to have accelerated the spread of the corona virus. Apparently the Tourist board have downplayed the danger for too long. Now even the public prosecutor has intervened. The pressure on the industry is growing. New omissions are made public every day. Now the SMS traffic was between you OVP politicians and the bar operator a well-known apres-ski hut. The news brings the tourism association even more into trouble. The OVP member of the National Council, Franz Horl, fears that in the end one could count as a worldwide laugh number: “If a camera sees the operation, we stand there as if Hottentot State. ”

Austria: patient lies and infects pulmonary specialist with coronavirus

Update from March 25, 2020, 2 p.m.: There is a in Vienna Pulmonologist may have been deliberately infected with the coronavirus by a patient reported The patient had a high fever, cough and shortness of breath. Assured of repeated requests negative for the corona virus the pulmonologist told the transmitter that it had been tested. The medical practitioner himself found it strange. And indeed. “He lied to get it,” said the pulmonologist and informed the City of Viennas health department. The doctor has now tested positive for the coronavirus. He announced to pursue the matter legally. The patient faces up to three years in prison.

Corona in Austria: In short – Corona bonus payments should remain tax-free

Update of March 25, 2020, 11:23 a.m.: Many employees work in the Supermarkets. Cashing, replenishing stocks, organizing, serving at the counter and ensuring hygiene. You are exposed to a high risk of corona infection. Some supermarket chains in Austria want this use to the limit Bonus payments reward, reported Taxes Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Wednesday that there should be no such amounts. Bonus payments from companies that maintain the system should be in the sense of a “15. Monthly salary ”should be made completely tax-free.

In Austria, the number of people demonstrably infected with the coronavirus is strong 5,282 increased. The health ministry reports that there have been 32 deaths in connection with the lung disease Covid-19 (as of 8:00 a.m.).

Update from March 24, 2020, 11:20 p.m .: Is so-called herd immunity the approach to contain the corona pandemic? A virologist made a clear statement.

Update from March 24, 2020, 8.45 p.m .: Austria fears in the Corona crisis – and continues to test diligently on the insidious Corona virus.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 3 p.m., 28,391 people were up in the Alpine Republic Covid-19 tested, 4,876 cases have been confirmed, according to the Federal Ministry of Health. As a result, 28 people are new to date Lung disease shoot. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had previously announced that the capacities for tests would be significantly expanded to include the Corona pandemic contain.

Update of March 24, 2020, 6.45pm: Corona excitement in the famous party winter sports venue Ischgl. The Austrian public prosecutor has launched an investigation.

Accordingly, a case should go to the authorities have not been reported – with drastic consequences. Like the news agency APA reported on Tuesday, the Innsbruck public prosecutor’s office is investigating suspected negligent threats to people from communicable diseases.

Because of Corona: The Paznaun Valley in Tyrol is under quarantine.

© dpa / Jakob Gruber

A restaurant operator is said to have failed to report the infection to the authorities. According to the ZDF was in a restaurant in Ischgl already in late February Coronavirus infection case known.

However, the local operator did not report the positive case or its contact persons to the health authorities.

Corona: In short, Austrians are preparing for long hardships

Update from March 24, 2020, 5.45 p.m .: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (OVP) has prepared his compatriots for action because of corona will continue for a long time.

“After Easter, we will be in a phase that is more similar to today’s than normal,” said the 33-year-old at a press conference this Tuesday.

However, the young head of government did not become concrete, for example about when it will go on in schools and universities as well as for the countless closed restaurants and bars. Ergo: how long that Exit restrictions be maintained.

Closed due to Corona: The border between Austria and Germany between Aschau im Chiemgau and the Kufsteinerland in Tyrol.

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

“We are currently experiencing a challenging time,” said Kurz, promising to present the first figures on Friday: “Please be patient.”

The corona restrictions largely paralyze life in Germany. But how long will the coronavirus measures be maintained?

Corona crisis in Austria: alarming figures from neighboring Switzerland

Update from March 24, 2020, 1:59 p.m .: So far, Italy and Spain are considered coronaTrouble spots in Europe. But the Switzerland develops according to a report by the Swiss newspaper Look more and more to another problem child.

According to calculations by the portal are currently at least 8776 people (As of March 24) infected. 120 people died therefore already on Corona virus. With that lies the Switzerland in the case of deaths on par with Germany Even though the number of residents in Germany is almost ten times as high.

According to the report, however, the numbers could now be much higher, because “the cantonal information policy is like a patchwork”. Means: So far, only the individual cantons in Switzerland have apparently only provided information about the Corona cases – the total number has increased Look added up. The cantons of Ticino (1164 infected, 48 dead), Vaud (1782 cases, 16 dead) and Geneva (1231 cases, 9 dead) are the worst affected.

Switzerland has declared an emergency – most of the shops are closed by April 19.

Corona crisis: Austria wants to increase test capacity to 15,000 per day

Update from March 24, 2020, 11:58 a.m.: Austria wants to greatly expand the test capacity in the coronavirus crisis. “It will be possible to expand and carry out the capacities to around 15,000 per day if we receive the necessary resources,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (OVP) at a press conference in the Chancellery.

Test, test, test “, according to Chancellor Kurz, the most important thing besides the limitation of social contacts. Friday will show whether the exit restrictions will apply in Austria. So far, according to the Ministry of the Interior, there have been 1,700 complaints against corona sinners.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to greatly expand the test capacity in the coronavirus crisis.


The SPO leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner had previously asked coronavirus tests to be carried out in more groups of people. “The tests have to be extended to all contact persons of infected people. Even those who show no symptoms, ”said Rendi-Wagner in the ZIB2-Conversation. “You can’t put out a fire blindly,” said the doctor and former health minister. On Twitter, Rendi-Wagner immediately stands behind Chancellor Kurz.

Chancellor Kurz also dampened hopes of an early improvement in the situation: “After Easter, we will be in a phase that is more similar to today’s situation than normal,” Kurz said

Corona crisis in Austria: setback for infections

Update from March 24, 2020, 11:29 a.m.: The number of corona infected people in Austria has risen again. The Ministry of Health reports 4,486 coronavirus cases and 25 fatalities (as of 8:00 a.m.). In a 24-hour comparison, this means an increase of 24.15 percent:

  • Tyrol – 1,067
  • Upper Austria – 764
  • Lower Austria – 610
  • Vienna – 562
  • Styria – 504
  • Salzburg – 405
  • Vorarlberg – 354
  • Carinthia – 135
  • Burgenland – 85

Tyrol is meanwhile worried about its reputation. The discussion and negative headlines of individual ski resorts as a “Corona hotspot” could damage the image of Tyrol as a tourism country in the long term, according to an economic expert After the crisis, sustainable tourism should therefore come to the fore – a move away from “Ballermann tourism”.

Austria: worse suspicion in Ischgl – was the first corona case covered up?

Update from March 24, 2020, 8.36 a.m.: While a heavy one on Monday Allegation against a company in Ischgl became known, who possibly the did not report the first Corona case to the health department, there is bad news again from Austria: The Covid 19 crisis leaves the Unemployment figures throughout the country increase.

There have been around since the beginning of the exit restrictions 115,600 more registered unemployed As of March 15, Johannes Kopf, director of the Labor Market Services (AMS), reported loudly on Monday afternoon to the APA news agency. There are 41,000 additional unemployed in the catering and accommodation sector, 14,000 in the construction industry and around 11,000 additional unemployed from the area of ​​other economic services, said the AMS boss. Last Wednesday, however, also occurred in Austria new Covid 19 short-time work regulation in force that companies can request from the AMS.

Update from March 23, 2020, at 5:10 p.m .: The police are now increasingly affected by the spread of corona virus in Austria. Within a few days of the outbreak of the epidemic, 39 executive officers have been infected with the novel virus and are now out of service, reports the Austrian news portal But Austrias Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has apparently already feared such a development. Days earlier, he issued a vacation ban for all 27,000 police officers in the country. It was also decided to extend the presence service.

Corona virus in Austria: 3000 militiamen to support the country in the corona fight

These two measures should now help to compensate for some of the police’s illness-related absences. Likewise the one planned from May Deployment of 3000 militiamen. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry has meanwhile confirmed the new numbers. “Where and when the police were infected with the virus cannot be determined with 100 percent certainty,” he said, according to the report by The fact is, however, that all possible protective measures that allow an effective executive service would be used to ensure the best possible security for the police officers.

Munich police officers also have a difficult time fighting the corona virus. You always have to deal with mob attacks from the Munich population.

Update from March 23, 3:33 p.m .: Because of a Coronavirus Falls in Ischgl has the country Tyrol now the Prosecutor turned on. Apparently, the municipality of Ischgl announced that it was already in a company there A positive Covid 19 case was reported at the end of February should have been. The company, which is not mentioned by name, is supposed to be the case not reported to the health authority to have. According to the news agency APA, the German broadcaster had first ZDF reported on the development.

Corona in Austria: Covid-19 case in Ischgl may not have been reported to the health authority at the end of February

The employee concerned is said to have been sent home in late February, reports the Austrian news portal Whether it is in the case actually is a positive corona case or for one Suspected casewas initially unclear and not known to the state of Tyrol. However, it is “such serious allegations that it must be investigated immediately,” said a spokesman for the APA. The district administration Landeck had transmitted the information as a description of the facts. However, the Prosecution could not initially confirm receipt of the factual statement to APA. So at first it stayed open whether investigations have already been initiated.

It was also said, however, that the Landeck district administration was also investigating the epidemic law. It is in the room Accusationthat one notifiable disease or their reasonable suspicion not reported to the district administrative authority had been. The state of Tyrol had been criticized enormously in the past few days regarding the Ischgl hotspot. Authorities and politicians were accused of reacting too late to the developments and instead paying particular attention to the cable car and tourism industry. The health minister of North Rhine-Westphalia has to face similar accusations. Meanwhile, a hospital in the Heinsberg district of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is particularly badly affected by the coronavirus crisis, is raising the alarm and threatening to close it.

Update from March 23, 11:51 a.m.: In Tyrol (676) and Upper Austria (696) there are still the most confirmed corona infections in Austria (3695), can be found on the homepage of the Austrian Ministry of Health. There are 16 deaths related to Covid-19 lung disease. Accordingly, nine people have recovered.

Corona virus in Austria: The police are consistently taking action against violations of the Covid 19 Measures Act.

© dpa / Herbert P. Ocz eret

Corona in Austria – Almost 2900 advertisements against corona sinners

Update of March 23, 10:14 a.m.: Many adhere to the quarantine rules in Austria. But occasionally it escalates. As of Sunday, there were 2,893 ads, reports According to Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the observation of the police and calls from concerned citizens would keep the balance. The police are consistently taking action against the five percent who have not yet understood. 95 percent would adhere to the rules. Anyone who violates the exit restrictions (effective March 16) risks fines of up to 3600 euros.

The police in Vienna thanked the Viennese with a car parade on Sunday, who are hardly allowed to leave the apartment in times of crisis. “Here, too, we wanted to thank the population for the cooperation and cohesion in this difficult phase!” The police wrote on Facebook. The clip can also be found on Twitter.

Corona location in Austria – over 3000 positive test results

Update from March 22, 7.30 p.m .: Good news Austria: The fight against the spread of the novel Corona virus bears first fruits there. Austria reports a significantly lower increase in new infections on Sunday. The number of confirmed new infections only increased by 15 percent between Saturday and Sunday, respectively 430 cases, As Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober announced.

Overall, were in Austria 3244 infections counted. Before the start of the far-reaching Exit restrictions at the top it had been a 40 percent increase in one day.

Corona virus in Austria: growth is still far too high

“The measures taken are therefore beginning to take effect. However, the development of the number of corona diseases must continue to decline, the increases are still far too high. We have to push the increases by consistently implementing the measures onto the single-digit range of daily increases, ”said Anschober.

He added: “We are on the right track. But I strongly warn that we cannot let up. Everyone has to follow the measures taken with all consequence in order to flatten the curve further. This is the only way we can overcome this crisis together and drastically reduce the growth rates. “The goal is to reach the single-digit range by Easter.

In the meantime, it became known in Germany that Chancellor Angela Merkel was in contact with a coronavirus * and must be quarantined.

Coronavirus in Austria: apres-ski in the Zillertal is popular, but now the health authorities are warning (symbol photo).

© dpa / Barbara Gindl

Corona crisis Austria: apres-ski guests should get in touch – Tyrol with an extraordinary appeal

Vienna – The number of confirmed corona cases in Austria has grown to over 3,000 (as of March 22, 8 a.m.). Tyrol has 626 cases (as of March 22, 8 a.m.), the most infected in the country so far. 32 positive corona cases are currently known in the Zillertal. The State of Tyrol therefore has an urgent call for guests who stay in Zillertal were started: People who are from March 8th to 15th in Bars and Apres-ski bars in the Zillertal have stopped, should report. Health authorities have decided to do so after several coronavirus cases that have occurred in connection with catering and accommodation businesses.

To track and clarify the infection chains, too Foreign guests are asked to report. In the case of bars and apres-ski bars in particular, it is hardly possible to reliably track potential contacts. The Austrian ski resort of Ischgl is already suspected of being responsible for corona infections throughout Europe. Now that seems too Zillertal turn out to be a hotspot for coronavirus infections. Even a German woman who worked in a bar in the Zillertal became positive about that when she returned home Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 tested.

Corona alarm: Zillertal stay from March 8th to 15th

The State of Tyrol calls all persons who were in the Zillertal bars and apres-ski bars in the week from March 8th to 15th to pay particular attention to their state of health and to contact the health counseling 1450 if they have symptoms or to contact them to report to your home health authority.

As the Land Tirol reports, the period was selected on the basis of the medical assessment of the health authorities, “because it is precisely during this period that infection with the coronavirus cannot be ruled out.”

Corona crisis in Austria: Guests in the Zillertal should report

The health authorities have published a list for bars and businesses:


  • “Bruck’n Stadl”
  • Scotland Yard Pub
  • Hotel Strass – “Arena Club”
  • Steakhouse Restaurant
  • Cafe / Bar “Happy End”


  • Apres-ski “ski hut”
  • “Seppi’s Gerlos”

Zell am Ziller:

  • “Zellerstuben” – “Hili Bar”


  • Mountain restaurant “Marendalm”

Hotels and pensions in the Zillertal are also affected: In the municipalities of Mayrhofen and Gerlos, employees from three accommodation establishments were infected with the coronavirus, the State of Tyrol said. Cases are in Hotel “Mannlicher” (Mayrhofen), in Hotel “Gaspingerhof” (Gerlos) and the pension “Milchbar” (Gerlos). However, these companies would have informed all guests and employees immediately. Further feedback is no longer necessary here.

In addition, the district administration Schwaz has set up its own hotline, which is available to anyone who has any questions or who is also unsure. The hotline can be reached at +43 (0) 5242 69 31 58 80.

Corona cases in Austria – penalty for non-reporting

The health authorities point out that in the case of coronavirus infections, there is a legal obligation to report, even for owners of guest and pub businesses. If a notifiable illness is not reported, there is a risk of being reported under the Epidemic Act and in this context Fines of up to 2,810 euros or in the event of irrecoverable imprisonment of up to six weeks, the health authorities warn.

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The corona crisis affects the whole world. Germany is one of the most affected countries. However, the situation in eastern Germany is not as bad as in the west. Angela Merkel quarantines herself. The Chancellor had contact with a doctor who had tested positive.

List of rubric lists: © AFP / JAKOB GRUBER

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