Corona Crisis: Are Chinas Zero Infection Reports Invented?


Beijing appears to be virus-free soon in the Corona crisis. However, new evidence raises doubts about the credibility.

The warning came from the highest level. China Premier Li Keqiang turned to his party cadres impressively: You shouldn’t cover up any cases just to keep the number of infections at zero.

However, this is exactly what could currently happen. After this President Xi Jinping proclaimed victory over the corona virus and ordered a return to economic growth, the lower levels of government are under massive pressure.

Corona crisis: China does not count some positive test results

For several days, the national health commission did not report any new infections, but only a few “imported cases” from abroad. However, they were immediately sent to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. It gave the impression that China was on the verge of becoming virus-free.

On Sunday, the comparatively critical Chinese magazine “Caixin” reported that several “asymptomatic cases” continued to appear in Wuhan every day – people who tested positive for the coronavirus but had no symptoms. They are not included in the statistics in China.

Corona crisis: virologist criticizes Chinese counting

“It makes absolutely no sense to me that a person is positive, but is not counted as long as he is not sick,” the Bloomberg news agency quotes Virologist Nigel McMillan from Griffith University, Australia.

Scientifically, everything indicates that “asymptomatic cases” could also pass on the virus. In most countries in the world – including Germany – all people who test positive are listed in the statistics.

Whistleblowers exposed Chinese government documents

In China, the newspaper “South China Morning Post” reported that around a third of all people who tested positive had either no or only very delayed symptoms. 43,000 of them are said to have been quarantined by the end of February.

However, the information is based on blocked government documents – without a brave whistleblower, the world would not have heard of it.

The tale of zero infection

The Chinese government is trying to politically exploit the supposedly clean corona record: the tale of zero infection is spreading.

Beijing operates a “mask diplomacy” by sharing its expertise and medical supplies with Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and Serbia. The fact that the European Union previously also sent over 50 tons of auxiliary equipment to the People’s Republic is neglected in public perception.

Praise from the state media – and from Serbia

Chinas state media praised the “good nature” of its government: “If handshakes are no longer valid in Europe, Chinas helping hand can make a difference,” wrote the Xinhua news agency when it first delivered to Italy.

Serbia President Aleksandar Vučić played into the hands of the Chinese by describing European solidarity as a “fairy tale”: “China is the only country that can help us.”

Scientists were muzzled

If, however, it is said today that China bought the world with its drastic countermeasures for several weeks, then the following also applies in return: Before that, China had also kept the virus secret for at least two weeks, which made a large-scale outbreak possible.

It has long been known that a research center in Shanghai identified a Sars-like corona virus on January 5 and fully mapped its genome sequence. The scientists immediately informed the national health commission. However, they were immediately muzzled.

It was only a week later that the government shared this information with the World Health Organization. And: Beijing only admitted the virus outbreak after two days before US media reported it. Local doctors from Wuhan, on the other hand, had informed the authorities at least two weeks earlier.

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