Corona in China: Numbers are rising again – Corona cases on a German cruise ship


India imposes extensive curfews on 1.3 billion people. The Chinese province of Hubei is no longer to be sealed off.

7.16 a.m .:

As of Friday, Russia will suspend almost all international flights due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government in Moscow instructed the state agency Tass on Thursday. This does not apply to flights that are intended to bring Russians who are stuck abroad back to their homeland. Domestic flights are not affected by the regulation. Air traffic to Germany, for example, had recently been cut back significantly. The airline Aeroflot only flew to Berlin.

According to official information (as of Wednesday), 658 people have been infected with the corona virus in Russia so far. The virus had previously been detected in three people who died. Vladimir Putin had declared the coming week off from work to curb the spread of the lung disease.

Corona Falls on a German cruise ship off Australia

Update from March 26, 2020, 6.10 a.m .: On board a front Australia anchoring German cruise ship there are at least seven people Corona virus fell ill. The Bonn tour operator Phoenix announced on Wednesday evening that there were five passengers and two crew members. Everyone on board “MS Artania” but it’s fine, none of the infected people is in a critical health condition. All guests should be flown out of Australia on Saturday with specially chartered planes. According to Phoenix, the ship offers space for 510 crew members and 1200 – mostly German – passengers.

The head of state of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, said on Thursday that the ship should leave Australian waters immediately. “His home port is actually in Germany“If the seven sufferers had to come ashore for treatment, they would be taken to a facility of the defense forces, for example. The Australian government and Germany could then arrange a return flight after treatment.

The crew of the ship had asked the Australian authorities for help, 25 passengers on board had difficulty breathing. As a result, Western Australian officials from the health agency boarded and examined the victims.

Coronavirus in China: Numbers are soaring again – terrible worst-case calculation for Afghanistan

Update at 16:22: “COVID-19 is one Threat to all humanity – and all of humanity must fight against it, “said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

For this reason, the UN Secretary General launched a worldwide emergency call to fight the causative agent of the lung disease Covid-19 in the world’s poorest countries on Wednesday. By the end of the year two billion dollars (1.8 billion euros) come together. He further said: “We have to support the most vulnerable – millions of people who can least protect themselves.”

Corona virus worldwide: More than 400,000 people infected, over 16,000 deaths

According to the UN census there are worldwide already over 16,000 deaths, more than 400,000 people have been infected with the corona virus. Many of the countries affected are “who are already in a humanitarian crisis due to conflicts, natural disasters and climate change”. These countries should receive special assistance with the emergency aid fund, they said United Nations. Among other things, it is about information campaigns, laboratory tests for the virus and facilities for washing hands in settlements and refugee camps.

Update at 12.13 p.m .: In Libya is a first case one COVID-19 disease approved. The sick person is in the central hospital of Tripoli in isolation, the Libyan disease control center said Wednesday night on Facebook.

Corona virus worldwide: Calculations of a worst-case scenario in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan could after Estimates at worst in the worst case 110,000 people die from the consequences of the coronavirus. The number goes on a calculation of one Worst case scenarios back, Wahidullah Mayar, spokesman for the ministry said on Wednesday during a press conference. Aid organizations have been warning of this for weeks Border traffic in western Afghanistans because that Neighboring country Iran is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic.

There is currently one in Afghanistan 80 confirmed infections with Sars-CoV-2, four of them were found among members of the NATO armed forces. Compared to the previous day, the numbers in the western rose Herat province leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, has tested positive for the corona virus, as * reports.

The corona restrictions largely paralyze life in Germany. But how long will the coronavirus measures be maintained?

Update at 10:21 a.m .: China has again 47 “imported” coronavirus cases reported. Overall, the number of illnesses among immigrants increases 474. According to the Beijing Health Commission’s official figures on Wednesday, there should be no “local” illnesses. In the central Chinese province of Hubei, from where the Sars-CoV-2 virus began to spread worldwide in late 2019, another three people died.

As of Wednesday, parts of the restrictions in the province will be lifted. Accordingly, people are allowed to leave the blockade. An exception to this is the metropolis of Wuhan. From April 8th it should be possible to leave the city again.

In China, the number of infected people is skyrocketing again.

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Coronavirus: South Korea is increasing due to “imported” cases

Also in South Korea the number of new infections due to “imported” cases has risen again. The Sars CoV-2 pathogen was detected in 100 people on Tuesday, the health authorities said on Wednesday. Among them are 34 people who came by plane from abroad. That was the one up to now highest daily increase. The total number of reported infections increased to 9,137. The number of Deaths climbed at six 126.

There is an “increased risk from those who leave the United States come in, ”said Yoon Tae Ho of the Disaster Management Center. The majority are South Koreans who studied or worked in the United States and returned.

Coronavirus: Democratic Republic of Congo declares emergency

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo the state of emergency has been declared. The capital Kinshasa left President Felix Tshisekedi cordon off, as he said on Tuesday in a television speech. Travel from Kinshasa to the provinces of the country and vice versa is prohibited. The borders of the Central African state are largely closed, according to Tshisekedi. Freight transports by land, ship and plane are only permitted across national borders.

Until Tuesday 45 infections and three deaths counted. All of these cases occurred in Kinshasa.

Update at 8.47 a.m .: Because of increasing corona fall numbers now has too Panamas President Laurentio Cortizo a Curfew imposed. The measure is temporary unlimited. It is due to come into force this Wednesday morning, the head of state of the Central American country said on Tuesday (local time) when addressing the nation. Only at certain times – depending on the last number of their ID numbers – the People leave their homesto buy medicines and food, the Ministry of Health said.

Corona virus worldwide: There are 443 infections and eight deaths in Panama

In Panama meanwhile 443 infections with the novel corona virus and eight deaths approved. The country received one on Tuesday, the government said Donation of 5000 Covid-19 tests from China. There have also been curfews in other countries near Panama, such as El Salvador, Colombia and Honduras.

Update from March 25, 2029, 8.36 a.m .: The Coronavirus pandemic is currently almost completely paralyzing life in many countries around the world. Also in Brazil have someCities and regions limitations of public life to protect against the corona virus imposed. president Jair Bolsonaro have this Measures now sharply criticized. In a television and radio speech on Tuesday, the right-wing politician accused the regional and local authorities concerned of a “scorched earth” policy and warned for it Damage for the Brazilian economy.

Corona virus worldwide: Bolsonaro believes virus will “disappear” from Brazil “shortly”

Bolsonaro again accused the media “Hysteria” to stir up because of the pandemic. Due to its young population on average and the tropical temperatures, Brazil is not a terrain on which the novel pathogen can spread easily. Nice “Shortly” the virus disappear from the country again, Bolsonaro is certain. Brazil must “return to normal,” said the president. Jobs would have to be preserved and the livelihood of families would have to be secured. Immediately before Bolsonaros speech, the economic and financial metropolis of São Paulo had imposed a large curfew.

Update from March 24, 6 p.m .: The Corona virus is now bringing the country with the second highest population to its knees. India imposed a three-week curfew on its 1.3 billion people. The far-reaching measure applies from midnight, such as Prime Minister Narenda Modi announced on Tuesday via TV address. Already at Sunday there had been a voluntary exit restriction in the country.

Video: Robots in action against the corona virus

India begins with the “lock down”: more than 1.3 billion people affected

“It will be a complete ban give that Leaving home“Said Modi, who stressed that there was no other way to stop the virus. A complete “lock down” of the country would have economic consequences, the rescue of Human life go ahead however. Mega cities such as Mumbai or New Delhi offer a breeding ground for Infections. Practices such as keeping your distance and washing your hands regularly are hardly feasible here.

So far in India until Tuesday evening 519 Corona cases confirmed like that Johns Hopkins Center in Baltimore (USA). So far have died ten people from the disease Covid-19.

India imposes curfew – public life largely shut down

Prime Minister Modi kept the population via Twitter to not panic buying. The central and state governments would ensure that everything important was available. Grocery stores, Banks and media are exempt from closure, according to the Home Office. Most production plants as well as all of them public transportation and the Rail transport standing still. Also
Attractions, schools, Universities and museums are closed. Air travel abroad is also suspended.

Chinese embassy with violent accusations against the United States

Update from March 24, 2020, 2:05 p.m .: While China is now exposed to new numbers of infected people, the government is trying to spread a new perspective. The truth is that the pandemic is not supposed to be in the central Chinese province of Hubei started – but in the United States.

The claimed in a number of Twitter messages chinese embassy in Paris on Monday, the virus may already be last September occurred in the United States. However, the US government wants to cover this up.

On Sunday, another tweet from the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lijan Zhao spread. He asked, “If Covid-19 started in September and the United States had no test facilities, how many must have been infected?” It was also said that the US should find out when patient zero occurred.

As early as mid-March, the State Department spokesman had spread the theory that the US army had introduced the virus into the central Chinese city of Wuhan in October.

Corona virus: Chinese embassy with allegations against the USA – without evidence

Also the chinese embassy in Germany spread a number of Twitter messages from Chinese government officials, in which the US as alleged country of origin of the virus.

“How many cases of Covid-19 have there been in the 20,000 flu deaths (in the United States) since last September?” The Chinese embassy said in a tweet Paris. She also indicated that the United States had tried to use the flu as a cover for the spread of the coronavirus. Scientific The embassy did not provide any evidence of the allegations.

Coronavirus: record increase in infections worldwide

Update from March 24, 2020, 12.19 p.m .: Worldwide, the numbers continued to skyrocket overnight, said Margaret Harris, Spokeswoman for the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday.

The WHO had around Monday evening 335,000 infections detected and scarce 15,000 dead detected. The renowned Johns Hopkins University already had a shortage on Tuesday 385,000 cases and 16,600 dead recorded. 85 percent of the new infections detected were from Europe and the United States, Harris said. Well that Half of this 85 percent were from Europe reported.

The total number of infections detected was from Sunday to Monday WHO data within 24 hours for a record high of more than 40,000 gone up. That should be surpassed, Harris said.

On the one hand, the increase is due to the fact that was tested more. At the same time, however, it is also clear that many people continue to be infected.

Coronavirus: curfew in Herat border province in Afghanistan

Update from March 24, 2020, 11:57 a.m .:

In Afghanistan should in the western border province of Herat because of the corona crisis one Curfew be imposed. Aid organizations have been warning of border traffic in western Afghanistan for weeks because of that Neighboring country Iran is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic.

Coronavirus: African countries with curfews and declaration of an emergency

However, it also comes in more and more african states to curfews and the Declaration of emergency. This has been under a complete curfew since Sunday East African Rwanda, where it is current as of Tuesday, according to information from the broadcaster BBC 36 cases gives. Compared to Monday, the number therefore doubled.

On Tuesday night, Senegal had announced that it would declare an emergency. According to the government, there are79 confirmed cases. Also in the Ivory Coast the applies immediately Emergencyas the government announced. In Nigeria are all since the night of Tuesday international flights canceled and the Land borders closed been.

Update from March 24, 2020, 10.02 a.m .: After in China In the past few days, new “local” cases with the corona virus have failed to appear, the country continues to fight with so-called “imported “cases. So the number has increased significantly. As the Beijing Health Commission announced on Tuesday, the virus has spread 74 other people proven who have recently entered the People’s Republic.

A large part of the returnees are Chinese, who come back home, among other things, because they assume that the worst has now been overcome. Overall, so far 427 “imported” cases was found, as the Commission announced.

Corona virus in China: strict quarantine measures for immigrants

In order to prevent the spread of the introduced cases as far as possible, apply strict quarantine measures for people arriving from abroad. There are no more direct flights from other countries to the capital Beijing.

Machines that come from abroad first have to go to other airports, where passengers are checked for symptoms. After that, travelers must be quarantined for two weeks.

Coronavirus: China has seen a small increase in “local” infections – and deaths

For the first time, however, some days have also been added.local “cases. As can be seen from the official figures, there were therefore four casesthat were not found in those who entered the country. According to official information, it also happened seven new deaths. According to the information, the number of deaths attributable to the coronavirus is increasing 3,277.

A total of 81 171 infected people were registered in mainland China, of which more than 73 000 have so far recovered.

Update from March 24, 2020, 6.27 a.m .: The Sealing off the Chinese province of Hubeithat as worldwide Starting point of the coronavirus pandemic applies, should apparently largely To get picked up. As of Tuesday at midnight (local time), healthy citizens are to be allowed to leave the province again, reports citing local authorities. Previously, Hubei had been isolated from the outside world for a total of two months.

Update from March 23, 6:26 p.m .: In Africa the number of people infected with the corona virus continues to increase. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there was on the continent on Monday afternoon 1,397 confirmed cases. Recorded in West Africa Burkina Faso the highest number of cases. According to the government, there are now 99. Also several

In Nigeria According to the Center for Disease Control (NCDC), the first death has now occurred. Africas most populous country is emerging36 corona patients.

Update 6:06 p.m .: Because of the Coronavirus pandemicUnited Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has now called for a global ceasefire. The aim is to protect civilians in crisis areas from the effects of the pandemic, Gueterres said on Monday at a speech at the UN headquarters in New York City. “The violence of the virus“make clear how” nonsensical “wars are, said Guterres.

The coronavirus pandemic is the reason why “today I call for an immediate ceasefire in all corners of the world,” said Guterres. It was time for a “lock on armed conflict”. “Let the weapons remain silent, stop the artillery, end the air strikes,” said the UN Secretary General. This is central to creating humanitarian corridors for civilians.

Update 5.25 p.m .: In India applies tomore than 100 million people in more than 80 cities, including the capital New Delhi, a Curfew. This is for now until the end of the month in force. The government instructed the states on Monday to enforce the bans harshly. Anyone who violates this can be fined or imprisoned for up to six months.

Coronavirus in India: number of people infected more than doubled in the past three days

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in India has more than doubled in the past three days – now 415. So far, seven people have died. Compared to the population of India (1.3 billion inhabitants), this number is still relatively small.

The low numbers could also be because India is comparative little testsas some doctors criticize. On the other hand, the country has fast and strict measures early seized – was among the first nations to ban entry for almost all foreigners.

On Monday, television pictures showed many people at bus stations and in markets how they kept their distance and made the last hamster purchases. Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned on Twitter: “Please protect yourself and your families and take the instructions seriously.”

Update 4:41 p.m .: In the south of Lebanon, the UN blue helmet mission has reported its first own coronavirus infection. The soldier only returned from vacation on March 15 Lebanon back and, according to a spokesman for the peacekeeping force Unifil, is currently in quarantine in the hospital. Since his return, he had been in contact with four other UN soldiers, who were also subsequently quarantined. In three of them, however, the virus test was negative. The origin of the soldier was not made known. Officially, 256 people have been infected with the virus in Lebanon, at least four have died so far.

The have been monitoring since 1978 Blue helmets the border region between Lebanon and Israel, since both countries are officially at war. The Bundeswehr is also participating in the mission and is helping to control the sea routes and to train the Lebanese Navy.

Corona News: Iceland’s prime minister remains at home for corona virus test

Since her youngest son’s school had had a positive corona virus test, Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir remains at home for the time being. Although she was not in quarantine, she wanted to follow the instructions of the health authorities and would therefore not leave the house until the test result. A result is expected in the course of Monday.

So far, according to official information, there are around 600 people in Iceland. Among the infected are a member of the Pirate Party and an employee of the Minister of the Environment. The only confirmed death so far was a tourist from Australia.

Update 2:54 p.m .: The Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV) fears Chinas expansion of power through the country’s humanitarian aid in the Corona crisis. “With humanitarian aid, China wants to present itself as a pioneer against the virus and distract from its own failure,” said GfbV director Ulrich Delius in Gottingen on Monday. The Chinese government wants to expand the influence of China on other countries in the world.

The Chinese logistics group Alibaba is distributing breathing masks and virus tests worldwide on behalf of the government, according to the human rights organization. States receiving relief supplies may feel more committed to China and may then, for example, support its concerns with the United Nations, Delius told the Catholic News Agency (KNA). “China is systematically expanding its political influence through relief goods.”

Corona-News: New cases in China – Brazil’s Bolsonaro thinks everything is “little flu”

Update from March 23, 9:18 a.m .: China continues to struggle with “imported” coronavirus cases. As the Beijing Health Commission announced on Monday, 39 other infections were detected in people who entered the country. Overall counts China so far 353 infections caused by so-called corona virus imports. However, according to the official information, there was no longer any infection within the country.

In the Central Chinese Hubei ProvinceFrom where the Sars-CoV-2 virus began to spread worldwide in late 2019, another nine people died. According to the Health Commission, 3,270 people have died from lung disease Covid-19 on the Chinese mainland. With more than 81,000 people infected, China is still the most affected country.

5.18 p.m .: Given rising Corona case numbers in Brazil and other countries in the region, more and more curfews are imposed in Latin America. The number of officially with the Corona virus Infected people in Brazil, the largest and most populous Latin American country, rose to more than 1,000 at the weekend, 19 people have died so far. However, due to the lack of tests, the actual number of infected people is likely to be much higher – according to experts, it could reach up to 9,000 in Brazil.

Video: Firefighters in Brazil warn people on the beach

During the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro the pandemic again as “gripezinha”, small flu, downplayed, individual states implemented restrictive measures. So the governor imposedSao Paulo, which has a population of more than 40 million, will be the first to have a widespread curfew on Saturday, which will apply for 15 days from Tuesday. Bolsonaro called this “hysteria”. Other states like Rio de Janeiro have also restricted the population’s freedom of movement. A poll by the Datafolha polling firm found that Brazilians are afraid of the virus and three in four people are in favor of a temporary curfew.

The presidents of other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Colombia or Bolivia have already imposed extensive curfews of up to three weeks.

Corona: Number of infected “China imports” is increasing – severely affected Iran with a request to the population

Update from March 22, 1:44 p.m .: The Iran reported 129 more casualties from the novel corona virus on Sunday. The number of deaths in the country rose to 1685, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Tehran. The number of confirmed infections increased by 1028 to 21,638 within 24 hours.

Iran belongs alongside Italy and China among the worst affected countries by the pandemic worldwide. The Islamic Republic announced the first cases of infection on February 19. To curb the virus, the government urged the population to stay at home and limit social contacts where possible. However, she did not impose a curfew.

In Austria, a preparation was apparently successfully tested in search of an effective drug against the coronavirus.

Corona virus: Number of infected “China imports” is increasing – curfew for a billion Indians

Update from March 22, 8:19 p.m .: South Korea continues to experience a strong change in increasing and decreasing numbers of new infections with the corona virus. On Saturday, 98 cases were added, the health authorities reported on Sunday. On Friday, 147 people had tested positive for the Sars CoV-2 pathogen. The total increased to just under 8,900. The number of deaths associated with the virus has been reported to be 104.

Update from March 22, 8:15 a.m .: Health authorities in China have registered a further increase in so-called coronavirus imports. After 41 new cases on Saturday, there were 46 new cases on Sunday, which are exclusively travelers who have recently returned from abroad. There were six deaths in this context, according to the Beijing Health Commission. In addition, according to official reports, there was a new infection with the corona virus, which was transmitted domestically.

According to the authorities, 3,261 people have died of the lung disease Covid-19 across the People’s Republic.

Corona virus worldwide: curfew for a billion people in India

Update of March 22, 8:14 p.m .: About one
People have in
India Sunday at a nationwide
Curfew spent at home. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for a 14-hour curfew from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (local time) in the face of the Corona crisis to curb the spread of the virus. At the same time, time should be used to better assess Indias capacity to fight the pandemic.

In India, 315 people are currently ill with the virus, and four people have died so far. Before a meeting of Chancellor Merkel (CDU) and the country heads on possible nationwide curfews in Germany, a research group made a clear recommendation.

Worldwide corona fear: Vietnam almost completely closes borders

Update from March 21, 7:17 p.m .: Vietnam has to combat the Corona virus its borders almost completely closed. The measure concerned Foreigners such as Vietnamese and their relatives who lived abroad, the government in Hanoi announced on Saturday.

Foreign nationals who are considered experts in their field, business travelers or required specialists could be given an entry visa if the authorities deemed their stay in Vietnam to be urgently necessary.

On Friday everyone was international Flight connections been interrupted. By Saturday, 94 in the Southeast Asian country Corona virus-Cases counted. Dead from the lung disease Covid-19 have not been registered so far.

Corona virus in Israel: first person dies of Covid-19

Update from March 21, 6.40 p.m .: In Israel the first person to die of complications from Covid 19 disease was reported. The Israeli newspaper reports Haaretz. The 88-year-old Arie Even suffered from previous illnesses, according to the report.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims gather in Baghdad despite the Corona curfew

Update from March 21, 5:06 p.m .: Despite a curfew imposed due to the Corona crisis, tens of thousands of Iraqi pilgrims have

gathered in Baghdad. On Saturday, the Shiite pilgrims flocked to the Imam-Kadhim shrine to commemorate the priest. Previously, despite the government’s anti-corona measures, influential Shiite leader Moktada al-Sadr had called on his followers to participate in the commemoration.

The pilgrim were left in the courtyard around the shrine, but the inner sanctuary remained closed. The anniversary usually attracts millions of believers from around the world who visit the mausoleum and kiss the remains of al-Kadhim.

“There are far fewer pilgrims than in previous years,” an AFP sanctuary official said. For the first time no foreigners came. Usually, many pilgrims come from Iran, one of the worst affected countries by the corona pandemic worldwide.

Egypt closes mosques and churches because of corona pandemic

Update from March 21, 3:37 p.m .: In Egypt the religious authorities have the closure of the Mosques and Churches arranged. The mosques are said to be a precautionary measure for two Weeks remain blocked, it said on Saturday in a message from the responsible Egyptian ministry. Previously, there had been criticism of the government’s behavior in social networks to keep the mosques and churches open. The Coptic Orthodox Church also said it would close churches for two weeks and stop holding public services.

Egypt is the largest North African country. More than 100 million people live here. According to official information, 285 people are said to have been infected with the corona pathogen. Eight people have died so far.

Numerous other Arab countries in the region have imposed drastic curfews. In Jordan Police more than arrested on Saturday 227 People who started against the morning Curfew would have violated. Security forces patrolled the country, according to a report by the state news agency Petra, to monitor compliance with the curfew.

The corona pandemic is still relatively low in Hungary. However, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is now presenting a questionable draft law. Does he have other goals?

Coronavirus in Iran: 149 new deaths – 1,237 new infections in one day

Update from March 21st, 9.08am: South Korea has been experiencing one for days Alternation of increasing and decreasing numbers of new infections with the corona virus. Health authorities reported more cases in the past 24 hours on Saturday than in the same period before. Be on Friday 147 people positive tested for the Sars CoV-2 pathogen after 87 additional cases on Thursday. The total number rose to just under 8,800. The number of Deathsassociated with the virus climbed at eight 102.

Among other things, the authorities were concerned about an increase in smaller clusters of Infections in parishes and nursing homes as well as infected people who arriving from abroad. The number of infections most recently recorded in arriving people has been reported to increase by six to 23.

Update from March 20, 2020, 3 p.m .: A particularly tragic case of the infection recently became public in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the source of the coronavirus *. On Newborn according to the image
tested positive and is now alone in quarantine. A photo that was taken at the beginning of the week is particularly touching: it shows the baby with a Nurse, which is wrapped in a protective suit with a face mask and goggles and holds the newborn in her arms.

About the child’s chances of survival nothing known. So far, to protect the family, it does not grow on the mother’s breast, but in isolation in an incubator.

Coronavirus in Iran: 149 new deaths – 1,237 new infections in one day

Update from March 20, 2020, 1:05 p.m .: Iran is still one of the most difficult countries around the world affected by the pandemic. Now the authorities reported 149 new deathse, should also within the last 24 hours 1,237 other people tested positive for the virus. The number of infected people is now 19,644, the total number of fatalities is now 1,433.

Update from March 20, 2020, 6.35 a.m .: For the second time in a row, the People’s Republic China again no new local infections reported. As the Beijing Health commission reports, however, is again the number of Infectedwho came back to China from abroad increased. Accordingly, 39 “imported” cases were registered.

This is an increase of the “imported” cases by a further five, a total of 228 of these infections have now been counted. This stirs up fears of a possible second Wave of propagation.

However, China continues to complain of Covid 19 deaths. At the Friday came according to the Commission three dead added, bringing the total number of victims to 3,248 cases. A total of 80,967 infected people were registered in mainland China, of which around 71,150 have recovered.

Coronavirus in South Korea: number of infected continues to rise

The number of recorded daily New infections with the Corona virus in South Korea has now fallen again after the increase in the past few days. On Thursday, 87 additional cases were found, said the Health authorities on Friday with. A total of 8652 cases of infection have been confirmed in the country so far. The number of deaths associated with the Sars CoV-2 pathogen rose by three to 94.

Corona virus: First case in China in November – startling details revealed

Original article from March 19, 2020: Beijing – That Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 has been keeping the world in suspense since December. The corona virus is said to be in late December China have broken out.

Reports are now to show that the virus has probably already broken out earlier and how the regime tried to cover up the spread *.

Coronavirus in China: No new infections reported

For the first time since the outbreak of the novel corona virus, China has not reported any new local infections nationwide (as of March 19). After a rapid increase in the Corona virus infected people and deaths since beginning of January, the situation seems to calm down.

A report by the Bild newspaper refers to a independent Chinese business newspaper called “Caixing”, which is said to have brought frightening details to the public.

In Germany, however, the situation is exacerbated by the corona virus.

Coronavirus in China: has the top medical authority covered everything up?

At the December 27th According to “Caixing” researchers *, several genomics companies are sequencing the coronavirus from samples from people in the city of Wuhan.

Here a high similarity between the new and the Sars virus was identified, which had already caused a pandemic between 2002 and 2003. However, during the current Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, far more people died in China from the effects of the virus.

These results are said to be like reports, according to “Caixing” to thatCDC – the center for disease control and prevention – have been forwarded. Chinas top medical authority is said to have issued an order to cover up.

Furthermore, it should also not have been passed on to the public that parts of the medical staff had contracted patients in Wuhan.

It was only after the first confirmed death as a result of the corona virus on January 20 that Chinas president publicly informed about the outbreak of the virus. Three days later, Wuhan was sealed off from the outside world to prevent it from spreading – unsuccessfully.

Coronavirus in China: First Coronavirus Case Already in November?

Inconsistencies remain open. A few days ago, a report from the South China Morning Post caused a sensation (we reported). According to the report, it is said to be the first confirmed Covid 19 case in China on November 17th have given. This information is supposed toChinese government filing go back the the South China Morning Post available.

The November Coronavirus case is said to be one 55 year olds the severely affected Hubei Province act. From this day on, one to five further cases are reported to have been reported daily.

By December 15, the total number of people infected should have been 27. On December 17, the number of known cases then rose for the first time in the double-digit range. None of the first nine cases of coronavirus could, according to the South China Morning Post identified as “patient zero”.

Meanwhile, many people continue to wonder what exactly the symptoms of the coronavirus * are. You can find out more in our report.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

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