Corona: More deaths in Spain than in China – ambulance attacked with stones


The corona virus has Europe under control. In Spain and France, the death toll is increasing rapidly. The developments in the ticker.

Update from March 26, 2020: Two of the three big ones international airports of Paris be because of the Corona crisis temporarilyclosed. As authorities and operators say on Wednesday, the Airports Orly and Beauvais-Tille tight. The reason was the drastically reduced operation due to travel restrictions. However, Charles de Gaulle Airport, the largest airport in the French capital, remains open.

The closure of the second largest Paris Orly Airport applies from March 31. It is not complete: government flights and rescue flights can continue to take place from there and there. In addition, diversions from flights to Orly in emergencies are still permitted.

Corona: More deaths in Spain than in China – Several ambulances attacked with stones

Update from March 25, 9.45 p.m .: In Southern Spain there was one in connection with an ambulance Stone throw attack. Several ambulances, which transported a total of 28 Corona * patients of advanced age, are said to have been attacked in La Linea de la Concepcion. The Spanish reported police on Wednesday.

Dozens of people tried to do so preventthat Iinfected as well as in part Covid-19 sick pensioners, who come from another municipality, moved to a home in the Andalusian city and there quarantine be set.

Corona in Spain: Massive protests against transfer of Corona people

The protesters had also tried to drive the ambulance column with a vehicle in a transverse position Barricades to prevent a further journey. Around 50 people protested again on the night of Wednesday, this time in front of the residence. They set fire to dumpsters and made threats. Even Explosive device are said to have been thrown from the neighboring houses onto the dormitory. As a result, the police arrested two men.

The pensioners concerned were previously from their dormitory in the community Alcala del Valle been evacuated. The reason was the massive spread of the virus in the home. Three residents died, in addition, at least half of the residence’s employees tested positive for the virus.

Juan Franco, Mayor of La Linea, criticized the on Wednesday violent Protests, however, the transfer of the seniors was “not well planned”. He was informed only at the “last moment”.

Corona in Spain: Iberian country now counts more fatalities than China

Update from March 25, 8:30 p.m .: Spain is one of the countries most affected by the Coronavirus * and has been the second country after Italy to have more fatalities than China, the country where the virus came from. After the increased numbers in Spain, the Iberians are now trading and ordered equipment to combat the coronavirus worth almost half a billion euros.

From China, 550 million protective masks, 5.5 million quick test kits, eleven million protective gloves and 950 ventilators are now said to be in total 432 million euros delivered to Spain. This declared health ministers Salvador Illa on Wednesday. The Chinese companies announced that deliveries would start this week.

Corona in Spain: more than 400 million euros for virus control

“This is an important purchase, but 950 ventilators, for example, are not enough,” Illa emphasized. Now further material in the foreign countries be acquired. It is also crucial to push ahead with the production of relief supplies in one’s own country.

The number of victims in Spain climbed on Wednesday 3434, the day before it was scarce 2700. After Italy, Spain is the second country to overtake China. The number of people who tested positive for the virus has meanwhile increased 47,600 – almost 8000 more than on Tuesday.

Update from March 25, 4:34 p.m .: France ‘s government has given citizens in the face of Corona virus crisis on a “Long effort” sworn in.

Corona in France: “Only at the beginning of a crisis”

“It is the health emergency that concerns us all today, but it is also – and will continue to be – an economic and social shock,” said Premier Edouard Philippe on Wednesday after the government meeting chaired by President Emmanuel Macron.

“We are only at the beginning of the crisis,” said Philippe. Everyone should now work together to absorb the effects of the crisis.

The government had adopted 25 regulations in various areas during the Council of Ministers – a record, the prime minister said.

In France have been valid for a week strict exit restrictions. They were originally scheduled for 15 days. “We will announce in the next few days how we want to implement the recommendations of the Science Council,” said Government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye. This had exit restrictions for one Duration of six weeks recommended.

Corona in France: up to 6,000 prisoners could be released early

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet announced that certain processes will be held via video conference or phone. In addition, up to 6,000 prisoners could be released early to reduce the health risks associated with overcrowding in prisons during the coronavirus crisis. Belloubet emphasized that there would be no early release for those convicted of terrorist offenses, domestic violence or the most serious crimes.

Corona in Spain: Infected patients escape from clinic – more deaths than in China

Update from March 25, 12.30 p.m .: To Italy has now too Spain more deaths through the coronavirus pandemic than China reported. Until Wednesday noonNumber of dead on 3,434 the health authorities said.

The day before, there were just under 2700. In China, the number was around 3150 on Wednesday.

In Madrid alone, the epicenter of the epidemic in Spain, rose Number of dead almost 300 within 24 hours more than 1800. More than half of all deaths were recorded in the capital.

Corona in Spain: stadium becomes morgue

Update from March 25, 9.40 a.m .: The situation in Spain continued to deteriorate overnight. After on Tuesday evening just over 40,000 infected counted and more than 2700 fatalities reported, the tense situation in the country continues.

Numerous Corona patients flee from the hospitals. How Jose Angel Gonzalez, Director of the National Police, told a press conference on Tuesday that there have been several cases in various hospitals.

This unnecessarily gives the security authorities one “Giant work”to find these patients and take them back to the hospitals.

Corona in Spain: 80 arrests in 24 hours

Gonzalez also complained that in addition to such patients, there were “quite a few irresponsible” citizens who violated the curfew. So you have in the past 24 hours alone in the so-called alarm condition Arrest 80 “irresponsible and unsolidated” people said Gonzalez on Tuesday.

Coronavirus in Spain: ice stadium becomes a morgue

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Corona in Spain: stadium becomes morgue – France now has 1,100 deaths

Update from 9:35 p.m .: In France are now 1100 peoplewho tested positive for the coronavirus * died of its consequences. According to the French Ministry of Health, within the past 24 hours 240 more people died of Covid-19 lung disease caused by the virus.

2,516 Patients lie loudly Jerome Salomon, Director General of the Ministry of Health, in intensive care units – 434 more people than the day before. So far, more than 10,100 patients been hospitalized for Covid-19. The curfew in France has been expanded due to the increasing numbers, physical activity outdoors is only below strict requirements allowed.

Meanwhile, heir to the throne Prince Charles has been tested positive for the corona virus, as * reports.

Corona virus in Spain: military offers NATO support

Update from 8:35 p.m .:
Spain is next to Italy one of the trouble spots in Europe. The country has almost 40,000 people infected with the coronavirus *, and 514 other people have died of lung disease in the past 24 hours Covid-19. Now the Spanish military asked the NATO for support.

The Spanish armed forces have called for “international aid” to help get medical care in the country’s critical situation, the military alliance said on Tuesday. Madrid therefore asked for the organization 500,000 test kits, 500 Ventilators such as 1.5 million Surgical masks such as 450,000 respirators.

Also read: Munich reports further fatalities – the number of infected continues to increase every day.

Coronavirus in Spain: 5,400 healthcare workers infected

Although a strict one and a half weeks ago Curfew entered into force, both the number of infected and fatalities continues to increase in Spain. The country almost reported on Tuesday 2700 deaths. The many sufferers had the medical system on the edge of the Collapse brought, in addition, that around 5400 employees in Healthcare tested positive for the virus. They make up about twelve percent of all infected people.

In order to counteract the dramatic developments, the nationwide Curfew by 11 April be extended. Head of state Pedro Sanchez intends to submit a corresponding proposal to Parliament. It is “absolutely essential that we continue to fight the virus to win this fight,” said government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero. “These are infinitely difficult days,” she admitted.

Since March 14, leaving the apartment in Spain is only allowed to get to work, do groceries, get medication, or walk the dog.

Spain under the spell of the corona virus: ice rink becomes a morgue

First report from March 24, 5:34 p.m.: Madrid – The search for a suitable drug against it worldwide spreading coronavirus is getting more and more to race against time. Many countries are nearing or already in the middle of state of emergency. Looks to Italy too Spain already at its limits. in the spanish epicenter Madrid there were more than 12,300 people infected with Covid-19 on Tuesday. Nationwide, 2,700 corona deaths have already been recorded. More than half of them were in Madrid alone. The government therefore had totragic measures to grab.

Coronavirus in Spain: increasing number of deaths overwhelms the country

According to the German press agency, that was Ice stadium in Madrid because of the rapidly increasing number of corona deaths Mortuary repurposed. The first coffins would arrive there later in the day after the preparations have been completed, said the mayor of the Spanish capital, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, on Tuesday the TV station RTVE. “It was a painful decision, but it was necessary because the funeral directors are overloaded,” said the conservative politician. How long the corpses had to be kept on the 1800 square meter ice surface of the “Palacio de Hielo”, the “Ice Palace”, one could also not say.

Coronavirus in Spain: increasing number of deaths overwhelms the country

Spain is next to Italy in Europe particularly badly affected by the Corona crisis. The number of infected people continues to rise every day. Around 6500 new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to about 40,000, the said Ministry of Health on Tuesday in his daily balance sheet.

The Spanish authorities hope that the crisis will culminate this week thanks to the strict measures with far-reaching restrictions on freedom of movement for the almost 47 million Spaniards.

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