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More than 260 dead in Germany – all data, graphics, maps

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For WHO, the coronavirus is the “number one enemy of the state”

Because of the new corona virus, public life is largely paralyzed. Many are now wondering how long this condition will last. Meanwhile, the WHO warns of the virus.

The number of coronavirus infections is increasing worldwide. In Germany, over 50 people died in one day. Only one district is still corona-free. Interactive maps provide an overview.

Dhe number of coronavirus infections in Germany is up to more than Thursday night, according to Johns Hopkins University and state health departments 43,640 increased 262 According to the information, people died – this corresponds to 56 deaths in the last 24 hours. North Rhine-Westphalia has particularly high numbers with more than 10,800 proven cases and 82 deaths, Bavaria with more than 8800 cases and Baden-Wurttemberg with more than 8400 cases. Based on 100,000 inhabitants, Hamburg has the highest number of infections with a value of 87.7.

Worldwide the number of confirmed Covid-19 infections exceeded the 500,000 mark for the first time. As of Thursday 8pm, more than 521,000 cases proven – have died of the consequences more than 23,560 People.

In Italy the number of new infections with the corona virus has risen again. The number of people killed as a result of the pandemic remained high in one day at 662. As the civil defense in Rome announced on Thursday, the authorities recorded around 6000 cases more infected than on Wednesday.

In total, Italy has registered more than 80,500 Corona cases. More than 8200 people have died since February as a result of the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. Italy is the hardest hit country in Europe. More than 9000 people are now cured. If the rate of expansion continues, both Italy and the USA (80,021) should overtake China (81,782) in the number of cases by Friday at the latest.

Spain has meanwhile reported more deaths than China despite all measures taken to fight the corona virus. By Thursday, the death toll had risen to 4,145 – on Tuesday, 48 hours earlier, there were 2,700, the Madrid health authorities said. After Italy, Spain is the second country that has overtaken China in the number of victims. The number there was 3291 on Thursday, 8 p.m. To what extent the official statistics reflect the true situation there and how high the number of unreported cases is unclear.

The RKI also evaluates the number of cases in the individual districts in Germany. Most case numbers (1,556) continue to show the City of Munich on followed by Hamburg (1,265) from (data status: March 26, midnight). According to the RKI, two patients have died in Munich and none in Hamburg. In addition to the hotspot Heinsberg (NRW, 1023), the city is also affected above average Stuttgart (503), the district Esslingen (492), and the city Aachen (441).

Most cases per inhabitant are still in Heinsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia) with 1,023 cases (with 254,322 inhabitants) and 24 deceased patients. The report also high numbers Tirschenreuth district (Bavaria) with 209 patients with 72,504 inhabitants and three dead as well as the Hohenlohe district in Baden-Wurttemberg with 278 cases with 112,010 inhabitants. Three people died there.

Only the independent city of Kaufbeuren (Bavaria) is known throughout Germany without any known infection. Only one infection was detected in Eisenach (Thuringia) and one in the district of Prignitz (Brandenburg). Otherwise all other parts of Germany are affected by Covid-19.

The WHO classifies the outbreak of the corona pathogen as pandemic a – a global outbreak of a new disease.

You can follow all current and worldwide developments regarding the corona virus in our live ticker.

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